Prominent Kithain of the County of DarkWater

Countess Rhiannon of House Eiluned: Ruler of Darkwater. Unseelie Wilder Sidhe.

Lady Melantha of House Eiluned: Court Mage and advisor to Countess Rhiannon. Unseelie Grump Sidhe.

Ysolde Nyx: Goth musician, information broker and Changeling-about-town. Unseelie Wilder Eshu.

Victor Donatelli: Ysolde’s bodyguard. Unseelie Grump Troll.

Paine: Gang leader. Wilder Beastie.

Jessica "Carnage": Gang member and hired thug. Unseelie Wilder Redcap.

Trevor "Sweetie" McGee: Hired thug and information broker. Unseelie Grump Sluagh.

Siva: Dominatrix and would-be member of the Shadow Court. Unseelie Wilder Satyr.

Rahne of House Gwydion: Leader of the Black Rose. Unseelie Wilder Sidhe.

Seline of House Eiluned: Member of the Black Rose. Unseelie Wilder Sidhe.

Moira: Member of the Black Rose. Unseelie Wilder Troll.

Kit: Thief and member of the Black Rose. Unseelie Wilder Pooka.

Victor Donatelli and Paine created by Christopher Church
Sweetie created by an unnamed player on the Ashland White Wolf Chat Page. Anyone know?
All others created by Midori Hirtzel

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