Prominent Kithain of the Duchy of SilverWood

Duke Arislan ap Fiona: Ruler of SilverWood. Seelie Wilder Sidhe.

Countess Melisande of House Gwydion: The Duke’s seneschal. Seelie Grump Sidhe.

Lady Valeria of House Scathach: Captain of the Ducal Guard. Seelie Wilder Sidhe.

Sir Jenner Rainwater: Protector of the duchy and Valeria’s second-in-command. Seelie Grump Troll.

Baron Raphael ap Fiona: Arislan’s cousin and Herald. Seelie Wilder Sidhe.

Sigrid Thorsdattir: Guardswoman and Valeria’s lieutenant. Seelie Wilder Troll.

Eric Stone: Guardsman and recon specialist. Seelie Wilder Sluagh.

Lady Maya bint Numair: Storyteller and bard for the Duke’s court. Seelie Wilder Eshu.

Evelyn Wickham: Archivist of the duchy. Seelie Grump Sluagh.

Baron Culum of House Dougal: Advisor to Duke Arislan. Seelie Grump Sidhe.

Countess Aeslinn of House Eiluned: Advisor to Duke Arislan. Seelie Wilder Sidhe.

Baron Raymonde ap Eiluned: Advisor to Duke Arislan. Seelie Wilder Sidhe.

Ciaran of House Liam: Healer for the duchy. Seelie Wilder Sidhe.

Sir Amal Kanu: Guardsman and Maya’s intended. Seelie Wilder Eshu.

Emily "Steel" Hart: Handy-person and smith for the duchy. Seelie Wilder Nocker.

Sir Amal Kanu, Baron Raymonde ap Eiluned, and Baron Raphael ap Fiona created by Christopher Church
Sir Jenner Rainwater created by Alan Corona
Eric Stone created by Draughn Rial
All others created by Midori Hirtzel

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