A Learning Experience: Interlude Two

(this scene occurs during Turn Three of Chapter One)

It was only his second day at his new high school and James Hart's imagination had already been playing tricks on him. He didn't count glimpsing things out of the corner of his eye as a problem anymore. After all that had been happening to Jim for as long as he could remember. It was the creature that'd bitten one of the Sophomore girls during assembly that had really freaked him out. Seeing glimpses of things was all right, but there was no way his imagination should be able to affect others. That girl had actually gotten hurt.

Despite the incident yesterday Jim was still hoping that his new school would be okay after all. Jim walked down the hall, attempting to find his locker. As a guy in the kilt diverted his attention for a moment, Jim felt himself bump into someone.

Jim automatically apologized, "Oh, sorry." He had the impression of the tip of a long hairless tail flashing by his face as he turned to see who he'd struck. He blinked and a ponytail of dark brown hair disappeared and the face of a girl he recognized from home room yesterday appeared.

"S'okay. I was staring at the guy in a skirt too. Too much of a pretty boy for me though." She looked appraisingly at Jim for a moment and then added, "I'm Micky Holloway. You must be new here. Why don't you sit next to me in home room today and I can show you the ropes? It's only the second day, so you can still change seats."

Jim felt his heart beat a little faster. This was definitely better than his last school. "Sure, that'd be great. And I am new here, so I really appreciate it."

Micky's nostrils flared slightly as she took in a deep breath, holding it in for a moment before letting it out. "No sweat. I'm sure you'll repay the favor when the time comes. Come on. I'll show you where the senior lockers are."

Jim followed her down the hall.

Time: 7:40 am, Thursday, September 5, 2002

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