A Learning Experience: Interlude Nine

(occurs during Chapter One, Turn Seven)

"The repair crew is almost finished fixing the interceptor missile, Mr. President." Trevor Hamilton looked around and discovered the remark had been addressed to him. Looking down at himself he noted he was wearing a three piece suit, like the one he'd seen some president wearing in a movie in history class.

"They'd better hurry up or it won't be ready in time to stop the nuclear missiles the Russians have fired at us." The speaker was a troll dressed in a general's uniform, peering through a giant glass window.

As Trevor walked over to look through the window, it dawned on him that the troll was the captain of the football team that Niko had stopped him from confronting the other day.

The window overlooked an underground missile silo, with a good number of people working on fixing the giant missile. Emmet and Andromeda had a panel on the missile open and were doing incomprehensible technical things to the electronics inside. Niko was drawing in missing pieces of the missile with his pen. He wasn't sure what Layla, Bela and Valeria were doing, but they were obviously helping.

"We need your hand-print here so we can launch now, Mr. President." Trevor recognized the speaker as the troll's stuck-up sidhe girlfriend. She was standing next to an impressive control console, pointing at a scanner.

Trevor looked back through the window. The missile was obviously repaired, but everyone was still in there, and Sally and Keighvin had somehow appeared in there too.

"We have to get everyone out first."

The troll said, "There isn't time for that - you must launch now!"

Trevor replied with a growing feeling of alarm, "We must get them out of there first or the rocket exhaust will fry them!"

"They're only commoners," said the sidhe reproachfully. "Besides, there aren't any doors."

"We can't launch with them in there! They're my friends!"

The troll glared at him. "Your friends must die or the rest of the world will be destroyed."

"As long as my friends are safe, I don't care!" shouted Trevor.

"Then I will shoot you and use your dead body to get the hand print," said the sidhe lady. A crown appeared on her head. "And I'm the Homecoming Queen, so you can't order me around."

Trevor spotted a blender and stuck both hands in.



"So, are you ready to join us now, Mr. Hamilton?"

Trevor blinked and looked up at Mr. Douglas. "Um, sure." Trevor winced. Apparently when he'd fallen asleep he'd managed to cut off the circulation in his hands. Now they felt dead and were starting to hurt as the blood came back in.

Mr. Douglas looked at Trevor unsympathetically. "Very well, then. You can explain how the events recounted in our weekend reading assignment relate to current events."

Trevor groaned...

Time: During history class, Monday, September 9, 2002

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