Rules for Playing NPCs in A Learning Experience

1. All NPCs must be approved by me before play. No exceptions!

2. Remember that your PC should be your preeminent character. Please DON'T have your NPC try to join the player characters' group the purpose of opening NPCs to players is not to allow players to have two PCs.

3. Please try to keep interactions between your PC and your NPC to a minimum. Conversations and other interactions taking place solely between your PC and NPC are expressly forbidden in this game, as this kind of defeats the purpose of online roleplaying.

4. At this time, I will only permit one NPC per player.

5. I would prefer that NPCs be of a different grade level (9, 10 or 12, or in freshman, sophomore, or senior year) than the PCs. There are no openings for faculty or staff NPCs at this time (so don't even bother asking).

6. Please obtain my approval before having an NPC start or join a thread on the forum.

7. NPCs may join threads taking place in the following locations:

8. NPCs may not join threads taking place in the following locations:

9. All players running NPCs will please use the Random NPC account on Nephrite's Citadel when posting as an NPC; players may inquire to me about the username and password for the account. This account has a webmail account based on my site; interested players should e-mail me for the username and password. Note that, as this is a shared account, players are asked to not read or delete e-mails that do not concern their NPCs.

Note: Emmet MacDougal's companion, Andromeda, is a special case, and not covered under these rules. Note also that I reserve the right to modify, rescind, alter, these rules at any time.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I won't mind, I promise.

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This page first posted -- February 24, 2003

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