Report on Events of August 19

Submitted by Kellin Grey, Special Agent, on August 21

At approximately 21:30, I received a telephone call from Robur Dwyn reporting that Derrick Ryan had entered the premises of Reinhardt's Apothecary, located at 324 Center Road NW. As Mr. Ryan had not emerged from the premises even after the establishment had closed, Mr. Dwyn informed me over the telephone that he suspected Mr. Ryan may have met with foul play. I informed Mr. Dwyn that I would proceed to Reinhardt's Apothecary with a search warrant for the premises, and to take no action until I arrived.

As Mr. Ryan is a minor, I contacted his grandfather, Dr. Andrew Ryan of Georgetown University, at 21:49 and informed him of my conversation with Mr. Dwyn. Dr. Ryan requested leave to accompany me, bringing along Mr. David Corbin and Ms. Dominique Destine. As Mr. Dwyn had informed me he suspected vampiric involvement, and Mr. Corbin is a member of the vampiric race, I agreed.

Dr. Ryan, Mr. Corbin, Ms. Destine and I arrived at Reinhardt's Apothecary at approximately 22:12. Also present were Sir Ulrich ap Gwydion; Sir Crowe; Lord Mogu ap Eiluned; Hino Rei; and Ayumi Morisato. I utilized the Art of Wayfare to help the group gain access, and we made our way to the second floor, which is given over to living quarters. Ms. Destine removed the door from its frame, revealing Mr. Ryan tied to a chair. As Mr. Ryan was unconscious and appeared to have suffered an assault, Mr. Dwyn engaged Mr. Reinhardt's assistant, a man later identified as one Nathan Thicke. Mr. Thicke fled the scene and upon reaching the street was struck by the ambulance that Mr. Dwyn summoned for Mr. Ryan on the advice of Sir Crowe.

Ms. Destine immobilized Mr. Reinhardt, who confessed to perpetrating a 436-221 on Mr. Ryan. I was prepared to arrest Mr. Reinhardt, but Dr. Ryan exercised his power as a member of the Tribunal and utilized magical means to execute the perpetrator. Mr. Ryan was transported via ambulance to Georgetown University Hospital's emergency room, where he was treated for his injuries. Afterwards, Sir Crowe, Sir Ulrich, Mr. Dwyn, Miss Morisato and Lord Mogu returned to Caer Leon; Miss Hino, Dr. Ryan, Mr. Corbin and Ms. Destine returned to their homes. I returned to Bureau headquarters and delivered an oral report to Special Agent Richard Hunter, and then returned home.

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