From the Diary of Aleta ni Gwydion:

Late July, in the Duchy of SilverWater
Day Two

There were a couple more people at breakfast. An auburn-haired woman and a brown-haired, limping man, both in blue and silver. Those colors. And there was a Dougal woman with glasses, in a motorized wheelchair: Lady Alicia. She's attached to Lord Wayland's court - he's the other Dougal that was there, the older one. She looks like a grump, too. There's lots of them here.

The Gwydion whose name I don't know looked awful. I think he got too drunk last night.

It was a very quiet breakfast. The troll girl, Freya, approached His Highness to tell him that the Scathach had gotten the autopsy report. We told Lady Alicia about last night while His Highness took the report; then Squire Robur talked to me about the scavenger hunt. He seems nice, for a Fiona, which always means you have to be careful with them. Then Princess Niamh came with her winged cat to tell us all we were summoned to a privy council at quarter past the hour. I went to stand guard while milord prepared for it.

The Council was the Dougal, Lord Wayland; Lord Nataniel ap Eiluned; His Highness; Princess Niamh on His Highness' right, with Lady Alexandria beside her; Kellin the Scathach on His Highness' left, with a wild-man Scathach beside him; Milord Sheridan; the silent one; Squire Robur and myself; and last Freya to guard the door. The Scathach's pet raven and the Princess' cat were somewhere else.

The coroner's report claims the man was poisoned, probably with a vegetable or at least organic toxin. They're trying to identify both it and him. Princess Niamh wants to speak with the County Coroner, and the Scathach captain will go with her - he can look backward in time.

His Highness relies much too heavily on the Scathach and his squire. It almost makes me afraid.

I'll write more later; now milord is going out -


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