To: Lady Sakura Dreamstar ni Eiluned
From: Countess Cassandra ni Eiluned

Dear Lady Sakura,

As per your request, I have been making discreet inquiries among my associates about one Sir Kellin ap Scathach, captain of the guard of the Barony of the Silver Lion.

My sources tell me that Sir Kellin is the son of one Lady Valeria ni Scathach, the captain of the Ducal Guard of the Duchy of SilverWater. Sir Kellin's father is unknown; I might conjecture that since his mother has two other children (a son by one Lord Raphael ap Fiona [herald to Duke Arislan ap Fiona of SilverWater], and a daughter by a satyr artist [one Alan L. Tarvos]), he might be the product of another of the Lady Valeria's liaisons with Lord Raphael, or perhaps even another individual (as the lady seems to be most free with her favors).

I have been further informed that after his graduation from Georgetown University with a degree in Folklore, Sir Kellin undertook a tour of Concordia that lasted for a year and a day. I have spoken to a number of Kithain in the various kingdoms of Concordia, and many of them have reported meeting with the Scathach knight in places as varied as the County of the Western Door, the Kingdom of Northern Ice, and the Kingdom of the Burning Sun. What he encountered during his year of wandering is unknown to me at present, but perhaps given time I might be able to uncover the story of his travels in more detail. I do know that upon his return, he entered the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy in the city known to the mundanes as Quantico, Virginia. Following his graduation from said Academy and his installment as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, his next notable feat was to present another member of his House, one Sir Cormac, to His Grace Duke Arislan at the court of SilverWater. Shortly thereafter, in the company of a number of commoner fae and Prodigals, the two of them held a freehold known as Heartwood (known to the mundanes as Hartwood Community Centre). Sir Kellin served as Heartwood's guardian, and also instructed the disadvantaged youths there in the martial arts. I have been informed by one Rene ni Fiona, a countess of the duchy of SilverWater, that she was treated most discourteously by the members of the motley while she resided at the freehold.

During his time at Heartwood, Sir Kellin is known to have associated with two other members of his House -- Sir Dariun and Lillith, both known members of the Scathach terrorist group calling themselves the Ravens. It is also a matter of public record at Heartwood that Sir Kellin was among those members of the motley who journeyed to Japan in order to ostensibly deliver a group of children to the clutches of a group of Prodigal shapechangers known as the Beast Courts. It should be noted that the motley returned to Heartwood without the children in question; I shudder to think of the fate of those poor young people.

Shortly after his return to Heartwood, Sir Kellin wed with an Asian Prodigal, one Miria Okami. It is not my place to cast judgement in this report, but I think that his choice of mate casts doubts upon his allegiances; you may, of course, draw your own conclusions.

A little over a year after his wedding, Sir Kellin was approached by Prince Llew ap Fiona, who appointed the Scathach the Captain of the Baronial Guard of the Silver Lion. This brings us up more or less to the present, and to the information you know. I hope that this letter has been of help to you, and you may contact me via electronic mail or letter should you have any questions.

Countess Cassandra ni Eiluned
Archivist to Duke Firedrake
Duchy of Cotton
Kingdom of Willows

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