An Excerpt from the Diary of Sir Gregory Soma ap Liam

An unusual coincidence has shed some light on the enigma that is the Scathach guard captain, Kellin. A local boggan housemaid left a scrap of what seems to be his personal diary at my feet after a resultant encounter. I might have been wrong in using this information, but these situations override the usual circumstances of privacy. I should inform this Lord Sheridan of his danger in further pestering the guard captain.

I swear, that squire of the prince, Robur, is a strange one. That scamp seems to be building some sort of shrine in the forest. At following him, however, I discovered Kellin in prayer to some sort of god! From seeing the ritual, I would assume this god is not one I would like to see ruling over the court. I must watch this Kellin.

I was called to fetch his Highness from a local "club," The Dark Side, to take care of matters of state. Quite a bit of debauchery ensued, as the silent Baron shot his mouth off in front of the Prince, himself! I should take the time to train him in etiquette. That eshu I met...I really don't know what to think about her. Perhaps this Samhain I might explore my Unseelie nature once more, before I have no other chances.

I spoke to Kellin this morning during exercises—he seems a right enough person up front. I have yet to fully understand these machinations of court. Such dishonesty is not fit for our people. Still, the silent Gwydion and Robur both raised interesting questions during the privy council. It turns out the attacked princess was assaulted during research of a Bunk—I suggested that she perform the research and Bunk under guard.

Robur came down during lunch with a tray of empty plates. He apparently had taken lunch with Princess Niamh. Intereresting. I remember my youth....

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