1 March

Dear Aunt Bethag,

First of all, Emer arrived safely, and seems to be settling in to her new home rather well. Thank you so much for sending her blanket and dishes along; I think that it made her feel better while she was getting used to living here. She has a house of her own on the freehold's grounds, and I can come and visit her frequently during the day if I'm done with my studies. She still sleeps with me at night, though. I think it makes her feel better.

Sir Kellin is teaching me many interesting things. Yesterday, Ceilidh and I learned about Scathach's Finger and how to use it. I never knew that one mushroom could be used for so many things! Sir Kellin insists that Ceilidh and I be able to draw the mushroom from memory, so that we'll always know it -- I put a photocopy of my drawing in with this letter, so that you can see what I'm learning.

Sir Kellin says that my sword work is getting better, too. I guess that all that practice with Robur is working. He's getting better, too, especially after I tried a few of the manuoevers Sir Kellin taught me when I sparred with him.

I still miss home sometimes, but having Emer here helps a lot. I've made some friends among the other squires, too, even if some of the highborns still act like twits. Sorry about the language. I probably should get started on my science homework; Ceilidh has promised to help me, so it shouldn't be that hard. Please give my love to Dad and Mum, and tell them I'll try and telephone them in the next week.

Your nephew,
Kieran ap Scathach

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