To: Sir Kellin ap Scathach
Captain of the Guard of the Freehold of Caer Leon
Barony of the Silver Lion
Duchy of SilverWater
Kingdom of Apples
High Kingdom of Concordia

Dear Sir Kellin,

In answer to your letter of October first, I can tell you that the information given to you by the Lady Raven ni Skatha (née Lady Keely ni Scathach ab Fiona) is indeed true. The freehold of Caer Airgead was indeed attacked by marauders on the date Lady Raven specifies, and I myself attended the funeral of Sir Aidan ap Fiona, Lady Raven's late husband, to convey the condolences of His Majesty, King Bran of Leinster, himself, to the lady, upon the death of her husband, one of His Majesty's finest and most valiant knights.

As to the accusations of the Lady Giselle that Lady Raven was driven to Bedlam by the death of Sir Aidan, I admit that there is an outside chance, but I have known the Lady Raven a number of years, and can safely say that she has never exhibited any symptoms of Bedlam to my knowledge. I might even be given to conjecture that the Lady Giselle is spreading these rumors in an attempt to discredit Lady Raven, for which purpose I cannot guess. I can, however, reveal to you that I have never encountered Lady Giselle in all my years as a knight of the court at Leinster, nor as His Majesty's Archivist. Based upon this information, you may draw your own conclusions about Giselle's accusations.

Hopefully, this letter has answered your questions.

I remain,

Sir Odhran ap Liam
Royal Archivist to His Majesty,
King Bran ap Gwydion,
Monarch of Leinster,
Kingdom of Hibernia
(King Bran's Seal)

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