Yay! I've found my diary again! I think it got lost during the one sleepover with the band. Well, I guess it was a good time to lose it as my spare time has been spent with the band on the new album --- which thankfully we just finished! And I made a photocopy of the whole thing in case I can't find it again. The stupid photocopier kept jamming though, so it took like an half an hour. I finally went and got Solly to go look at it.

We had a party to celebrate Llew and Shari announcing their engagement. I'm happy. Llew deserves the best and I think even he would have a hard time finding someone better than Shari. Shari and I get along, we both care about Llew, and she doesn't mind sharing Llew with me. And she makes Llew happy --- so I approve.

There were a number of new faces at the party. There was a beautiful Sidhe, Lady Sakura. Positively gorgeous - almost as much as Lady Shari. Maybe beauty runs in House Eiluned? Apparently Lady Sakura has been really sheltered --- I got the impression that she was still a virgin! She said she has problems with tension. I'm not really sure why she didn't want a massage. Hmm, maybe she wasn't feeling tense. Anyway, I'm going to try and help her.

I also met Lady Aeowin - of House Fiona! It's so nice to meet someone normal. Well, normal for a Sidhe. You can tell from her mannerisms that she's a real highborn. She's got a sharp eye for clothing. I don't think she would mind if I asked her for advice. I want Llew to look his best.

I like her. She's attractive, good in bed, and a good conversationalist. It's nice to have someone to talk to. Looking back on things, part of it may have been the numerous drinks I had (I think Lady Aeowin has a higher tolerance for alcohol than I do) but even so, Lady Aeowin really impresses me. While she may not be the most beautiful, etc., she doesn't seem to have any major weak areas either. Vivian is really great in bed --- or anywhere else you want to have sex --- and really sweet, but she is can be rather bubbleheaded sometimes. Lady Aeowin is more sophisticated. Neat. I'm glad she's come to Llew's freehold.

There was also this cute dog pooka at the party. I'm going to have to meet her - though perhaps somewhere less public.

Then there was the nocker. I don't think he'd make it as a Sidhe - not even if he tried really hard...

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