A lot has gone on since the last time I wrote.

We (Countess Aeowin, Sir Ulrich and I) went out to the Midnight Sun (a club) to see if we could find a a sidhe lady named Gisa.

While we were there, this strange guy in a trenchcoat started a riot on the dance floor, so we ended up leaving early.

Someone shot Countess Aeowin. I ran for a phone to get help and I got shot in the arm. This made me think to use Wayfare to run faster. I did get to the phone and eventually we ended up in the hospital. Derrick's brother (really his half brother) healed Aeowin & me. Poor Llew was upset when he found out what had happened.

We (Countess Aeowin & I) went to visit Lady Raven to see if she had shot us. When we got there, a half melted and burned refrigerator was sitting at the curb. I turned out that Lady Raven was in the emergency room when we were attacked. Some evil stuffed toys had attacked Calandra and her friends. Lady Raven tried to defend them, but Karl had to eat the toys to stop them.

We went to the store in Chinatown where the toys had come from with Calandra's friend Cyndi. When we arrived, there was police tape up, as all the stuffed toys in the store had been destroyed. We met a cute girl name Rena, who told us that she had seen a group of people break into the store, destroy the toys and disappear. I didn't pay that much attention to the story, as I though Rena looked rather cute - if somewhat underfed. I felt bad that she has to scrounge stuff a Chinese restaurant throws out, I tried to talk her into modeling for the cover band's upcoming album. I got her to take my business card, but she didn't accept the offer. I didn't know what else to do...


Kieran, Ceilidh and I were got to burn the dangerous toys collected in the barony. I made the mistake of putting my plate too near the birdcage they were in and one of them snagged my brownies. I think Kieran has a vicious streak in him - he seemed to really enjoy pushing burning toys back into the fire when they tried to escape.

An eshu named Sir Crowe showed up while we were burning the toys. Sir Ulrich came over and showed him around while we continued to burn the toys...

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