Now I know Llew's birthday isn't until August, but still I started thinking about what to get him for a birthday present. Why? ‘Cause it's hard to get him stuff that he likes, and it's even harder to find something he'd like and that I can afford.

Now, Llew is really into clothes, but his tastes tend to change pretty quickly and he generally just buys whatever he likes as soon as he finds it. He's got stuff he's never worn ‘cause he went on a shopping trip, got a lot of new clothes - and then got tired of that fashion trend before he could wear them all. I've pretty much concluded that it's hopeless trying to get him clothes.

The only other person I can think of who likes clothes that much is Countess Aeowin - I wonder if it might be a Fiona trait?

I want to get Llew something special. Unlike his family, I can't afford to buy him a car or get him an entire freehold. I know I'm pretty well off for someone my age, but still...


I had this great idea! Llew fell in love with Shari when she danced for him. Now Llew loves both of us, so I bet he'd love it if I danced for him! What a great idea :-)

Ok, I've looked in the yellow pages and I've found places to teach ballet, tap dancing and other stuff like that, but I haven't found what I'm looking for - I mean Shari did this neat sexy kind of dance for... ...I've got it! I'm going to go find a teacher at an exotic dance club! Yes, problem solved! And this should be fun too...


Most of the exotic dance clubs I've been to in the area I've gone to have been with Llew. As he likes the more expensive ones, I wasn't familiar with the place I ended up at.

The first lady I talked to, Kara, was interesting. She apparently has this boyfriend who's a real drag and doesn't like sex that too much. He must have some major hangups, for Kara was definitely hot - enough so that I still gave her my card even after Shaaza said Kara was even older than she looked. (Since Kara looked to be in her mid-20's, I guessed she was in her 30's - as she wasn't a vampire.)

Now when I was talking to Kara, Shaaza came over. I was thrilled - Shaaza is a satyr - a nicely endowed, good looking satyr. I was happy to see a satyr, as I admittedly prejudiced in favor of satyrs. She agreed to teach me, and we discussed arrangements over dinner. I rather regretted that we discussed business arrangements, ‘cause I would have rather had her there for a date.


I feel bad. I asked Derrick over to see what he thought of the dance routine Shaaza and I had developed. It didn't occur to me to tell him more than it was a routine for Llew's birthday. I'm afraid I surprised him - he was practically speechless. Based on the erection he had and what little he said at the time, I thought he found my routine (and outfit) arousing. However, from talking to him later it turns out he was just agreeing to me out of politeness and that his ardor was caused by Shaaza bouncing around while helping me with the routine.

So what I thought was an arousing success wasn't. Poor Derrick was practically bursting watching Shaaza and I was asking him to tell me something totally different. No wonder he was tongue-tied. I put Derrick in a really awkward situation, and I feel bad that I did so. I'll have to try and make it up to him somehow.

So I've decided to can my idea. No more dance lessons. I'll have to come up with something else - maybe I could have Shaaza dance. I'll have to ask Shari and she what she thinks of the idea. In the meantime - seeing as Shaaza isn't working for me anymore - - I think I'll ask Shaaza out. Maybe we could do a double date - Derrick & Rena and Shaaza & I. I'll have to see I can set it up.

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