Quite a lot has happened since I wrote, so I hope I remember it all.

Probably the most important thin is that Shaaza has moved into the freehold and now has a room next to mine. We even have a new door in the wall between our rooms, courtesy of Llew.

Oh, Rena - Shaaza's old roommate - moved out too. She's Raven's, um Aeryn's, squire now, so she's moved in with Aeryn, Calandra, etc. Evalie, the Liam sidhe who runs the place they were in was rather upset at them moving out - I'm not quite sure why though. It upset Rena though, and she ran off. We did eventually find her, mostly ‘cause some fellow made the unfortunate (for him) mistake of trying to become Rena's pimp.

That brings me to the three new people who showed up. All are from practically unknown kiths. The one woman is a Muse named Penelope, and I think she's maybe an oracle or something. She's certainly the most civilized of the group. One is a Fir-Bholg - I guess Sir Kellin knew of them - and his name translates to Talyn. When Rena went missing, Talyn tracked her down and killed the pimp. He's rather savage and eats raw meat. Nothing personal, but seeing a squirrel tail disappearing into his maw is rather disturbing. Once you get past that though, he's actually okay. He and Rena fancy each other, and so he asked me to teach him about foreplay. Apparently he was a slave and treated like a dog, so as a result his knowledge about most things is pitiful to non-existent. He's got strong instincts, though this has actually proved to be more of a handicap than a help. Instruction at first was mostly non-verbal, though he's learning English and I'm picking up quite a bit of the Gaelic he speaks.

The other male in the group sometimes sits in when I've been trying to teach Talyn. His name is Shane and he's a herne. He's rather like a satyr, except where I've got goat features, he has deer features instead. He can run as fast as I can and he's very strong & muscular - especially now that he's eating better. From what I've learned, all three of them were slaves and weren't treated too well. Shane seems to be older than Talyn and tends to be easier to teach. Besides the age difference, I think his instincts don't interfere as much. Shane can be really stubborn if he thinks something is traditional though - though this can be used to get him to do something. They (the native Gaelic speakers) got Shane to wear a draped tartan by persuading him it was traditional.

Oh, and the Gaelic werewolves (the Fianna) really took to him - I got to go to an orgy (I think it was called a moot) ‘cause of him. He went missing and we (Lord Mogu, Sir Ulrich, Sir Crowe, Sir John Rathe and I) went to look for him at the Green Man Pub - which turned out to be closed. I went looking for footprints while everyone else broke in (Lord Mogu had lock picks). I thought it would reflect badly on Llew if I was to get caught - like Sir Crowe and Lord Mogu did! I actually found Shane's footprints, and Duncan's too. (Duncan is the owner of the Green Man Pub - and I found out he's one of the Fianna too!) I had to get some help though to find out where they'd gone, so by the time the rest of our group made it to the Fianna's place, Sir Crow & Lord Mogu had been released and joined us.

We found Shane - who'd met some attractive Fianna ladies. There was a celebration going on with a surprising number of people I knew in attendance. Calandra even showed up at some point and really got things going - though Shane and I already had a following by then.

According to what I was told that evening, the Fianna have some fae ancestry - though I was later told back at the freehold that they really are fae who just forgot that they're fae. I was also told that werewolves can't have children by other werewolves, and that they want to have more werewolf kids. So I got to be a stud! They flocked to Shane too and I even figured out why - as well as being impressive in his own right he looks like Herne or Cernunnous. Oh, what a night!

My only regret was that I lost the red tunic that I'd gotten from Llew - though later they told me it was okay. Shane lost his tartan too - I think I last saw it wrapped around a couple of young ladies. We (Lord Mogu, Sir Ulrich, Sir Crowe, Sir Rathe, Shane and I) all took the train back to the freehold. I just thought of something funny - did you know before the Satyr Decency Act, Shane and I could have been arrested for not wearing anything on the train? If I didn't know Sir Ulrich I might find that hard to believe. Poor Talyn would have never made it back in those barbaric times - I'm not sure if he ever wears anything!

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