After our fun with Sara, Joe and Nerissa, Shaaza and I returned to Shari's Aunt's mansion in the wee hours of the morning. Sir Kellin was asleep outside Llew's room, but Llew wasn't in it and Sir Kellin didn't know where Llew was at. Shari was in her room, asleep on her bed and still wearing the outfit she had on at the formal dinner. Llew wasn't there either. Niamh was in her room out cold with a rather concerned Hermione. I even checked with Shari's Aunt, who looked a little out of it. It was starting to look like the guests at the formal dinner had been drugged - at least those who had the after-dinner wine. And from what I heard, Llew had quite a lot of it.

I was on the verge of panic. Llew needed me though, so I couldn't indulge myself. I think I called every hospital, police station and morgue in the phone book. No Llew. By this point it looked suspiciously like he'd been kidnaped.

I teamed up with Sir Ulrich, Sir Crowe, Sir Kellin, Sara, Joe, Nerissa and their friends to go look for Llew. Looking back on it, it was amazing that Joe didn't crash their rental car. Thankfully, I was in the back seat with Nerissa in the car that Sir Ulrich was driving.

Sara can somehow detect the presence of the Dark, so we hope she would lead us to the kidnappers, who we suspected to be corrupted werewolves. We investigated countless pawn shops for Llew's stuff. At some point in the investigations, I feel asleep in the back seat of the car.

Niamh gave us some tips based on the Augury she'd done. We suspected one of Shari's cousins who had been at the previous evening's dinner. Sir Kellin's FBI ID came in handy, as he and Sir Ulrich got the actual location from the post office were Shari's cousin had a PO box.

The place was out in the swamps. We drove as far as we could, and then walked. Sir Crowe scouted the place out. There were about 20 werewolves dancing around Llew and a couple of other people.

We went in. Someone cast darkness around Llew. I sped myself up, ran in, cut Llew free and ran off with him - with hordes of nasty werewolves following me. I cast Wayfare again and again while running as fast as I could while carrying Llew. I hurt so much the next day that Llew gave me massages!

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