Llew‘s car looks like it's totaled, but neither Llew nor Shari were significantly hurt. I almost died when I heard Llew was in the hospital—I can't bear to think on what would of happened if it had been serious.

The evening had started out OK. Brin and Lisa came home with me. We were going to do homework together and hopefully start coming up with ideas for our next album. It didn't work out that way. Some brat (rat?) pooka got ahold of our homework, then another one stole my bookbag while we were after the first one.

Seeing as I had friends over, I didn't go out with Llew and Shari. I remember calling our usual haunts to try and find them. I don't remember why I was doing so, but that's probably ‘cause I stayed up waiting for them ‘till I passed out by the front door.

All in all,, it sucked. Sucked SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED. Llew and Shari were in the hospital, Llew's car was totaled, I spent the evening chasing brats AND I didn't get to sleep with my friends!

OK, I feel a bit better now—I just needed to vent. Yeesh, I hope things calm down. I mean, I think it's starting to get to me — or it could just be I'm horny. With all the excitement, I havn't done anything with anyone for days...

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