From the Diary of Lady Sharanya ni Eiluned:

Dear Diary,

I ‘m so confused. Aunt Lisanietta always told me that the Seelie Fae were a bunch of stuck-up pricks, but Llew isn't like that at all. He's so sweet and gentle, and all he wants to do is be near me. It isn't like it was at home, where all the boys cared about was that I was the duchess's designated heiress, and what they could get out of me.

Robur is such a doll, too. He's so sweet. I guess he was a little afraid that I would steal Llew away, and maybe I was planning to at first, but the minute I looked into Llew's beautiful blue eyes, I just couldn't bear to do anything to hurt him . . .

I think I love Llew, and maybe Robur, too. It's hard for me to say that, ‘cause I never thought that I could even get along with any of the Seelie, but it's true. I feel a pain inside whenever Llew and I are apart, and sometimes it scares me. The intensity of the feelings, that is. Everything is so confusing, it's like all the stuff everyone back home told me about Northerners and the Seelie Court is turning out to be really off base. Even Sir Kellin has been perfectly civil to me. Half-breed or not, he's nicer in some ways than some of Aunt Lisanietta's friends back home.

I can't believe I just wrote that! What's happening to me? I used to know what I thought -- now everything is upside down, and I don't know what to think. I even think that maybe I was wrong to use that charm on Llew. The more I think about it, the more I think that that's right. I don't want to hurt Llew, and I'd rather have him love me of his own free will, than to always wonder if it's just the magic, and not him. I'm going to get the dolls, and separate them before it's too late -- and before I lose my nerve . . .


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