A note from Doug Zerby, Ulrich's player: "Ulrich very occasionally jots down his thoughts in a diary. Fearing, however, that someone might someday find this diary, he keeps the entries so vague that often not even he, upon rereading it, is sure what he was driving at. This is his latest bewildering entry."

While trying to anticipate how the child stealer (assuming we've properly identified that individual) might be dealt with, I've devised an absurd yet cunning plan. I shall call it "My Absurd Yet Cunning Plan." Prior to D-Day, I must obtain physical evidence (such as a newspaper clipping) confirming that the abductions did, in fact, occur (specifically to human children). Next, I must find a way to pass for human while in the company of humans. Third, I must do further research on secret societies and the political fringe, so that I may "mingle" if necessary. Then we'll have some highly expendable cannon fodder.... Oh, and don't forget to warn you-know-who about you-know-what.

P.S. Must buy more socks!!! WHERE do they all disappear to?

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