A note from Doug Zerby, Ulrich's player: "Looking back at earlier pages of obscure gibberish, Ulrich decides, for once, to try for clarity. For the benefit of snooping G-men or Shadow Court spies, he randomly includes words [represented here in caps] sure to catch their interest so that they might overlook the truth right in front of them."

May 1

Busting in that room and taking down that spider woman reminded me of our recent trip to New Orleans. Crow was a good sport what with getting burned (again) and then not getting a chance to show BIN LADEN his mettle (again). I've sparred with him a bit myself and he's better than you'd think for a threadbare Eshu. Then of course, he can do things other than fighting RED CHINA like talking to animals and so on. Nifty trick. And it's not just him - that new Eshu woman was talking to the stairs. And that little furry Indian (not a British Indian but one of our redskins) could do that time recall bit just like Kellin. Wonder if I should study up on some magic FERTILIZER? First, I want to learn how to play the opening notes of "Smoke on the Water." Blackmore Rules!

Saw a really cute chick at the laundromat. She dropped one of her underthingies, and when she bent over to pick it up.... Just as I was taking my BOMB stuff out of the dryer, she asked ELVIS where the change machine was which showed she wasn't too bright as it's right there by the door as you come in. Still, she had this really sexy voice. I told her, but she just stood there, her chest heaving slowly. The poor girl probably suffers from some sort of asthma, but the effect was pretty neat. So I picked up my basket, led her over to the change machine as I was heading out anyway and wished her a good OKLAHOMA CITY evening. She still seemed a little confused and kinda disappointed. Weird. It was like, for her, we were having some entirely different conversation that had nothing to do with the FULL AUTO change machine. Like she was telling me her puppy was seriously ill or something. I don't know. What with summer coming on the girls will be wearing less and less. Robur is going to be worse than ever.

Did I mention that the Indian spider woman was cute? Well she was, though not as cute as Dalgit Dhaliwal, the anchor for World News For Public Television. I could watch her read the phone book for hours, what with that British accent. Of course there are lots of pretty girls. Unfortunately it seems like all the ones at our degenerate court have slept with a certain satyr while his precious Nero plays the violin. Obviously, we'd all be better off if the whole NEW WORLD ORDER lot were put up against the wall. Is there a point at which a believer in hierarchy and duty is justified, compelled even, to work for its overthrow? Or is this an Unseelie taint or, worse yet, mere jealousy? [This has been a test of the Emergency Broadcast Rant. We now return you to our regularly scheduled whining.] Harder yet is finding SADDAM HUSSEIN a girl you can actually talk to. One who, when she wants to tell you her puppy is seriously ill, will say, "My puppy is seriously ill," instead of going on and on about a change machine.

At the Beltaine Festival we were called before the Duke and Duchess. For a moment I thought we were in big AREA 51 trouble, but then we were given medals. Cool. New Orleans was a scary place. Perhaps the "truce" we have with the vampires in our city has its advantages. There's no telling if we could best the leaches in an all out war. I took one down, but I think I was lucky. Good thing the werewolves here are friendly; it was a close call out in the bayou. Of course, Kellin is pretty fierce, and Joe is no slouch either when it comes to ripping it up. FYI I wonder if the spider woman was "P" after all? Even if she was, "D" and "Fr" are still AWOL and in need of a good KO, PDQ. TTFN.

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