The Crossroads Motley

The Crossroads Motley is a group of young teenage girls residing in the Barony of the Silver Lion. They all grew up within a few blocks of one another, and were friends even before they discovered they were changelings. Shortly after their Saining, they formed their own motley, christening it "Crossroads" after the school they all attended. That was four years ago, and they've been best friends ever since. Currently all around seventeen years old, they attend Larry K. Dixon Junior/Senior High School.

The motley consists of Aimee, a nocker computer whiz; Lita, a troll member of the baronial guard; Mina, a sidhe of House Fiona; Rei, an eshu Shinto priestess; and Serina, a rabbit pooka. The sluagh Hermione, who is a number of years younger, is something of an "associate member" of the motley.

Aimee in a blue outfit with a scarf and hat to match

Aimee has been interested in science and computers ever since she can remember. When she discovered she was a nocker in grammar school, her skills got a boost from her heritage, and before too long she was doing things that amazed even her instructors.

Whether due to the mollifying influence of the rest of the motley, or perhaps just general disposition, Aimee seems to be much less irascible than many of her kithmates. This doesn't prevent her from befriending other nockers, though—she and Solly Abrams, the nocker handyman of the Silver Lion, are fast friends. Some have hinted that there might be more to the relationship, but thus far neither Solly nor Aimee has deigned to comment on these rumors.

Aimee generally utilizes a laptop computer of her own design which she is constantly upgrading. It generally outperforms anything else, but there are times when it inexplicably freezes. At such times, Aimee makes not-so-subtle hints about replacing it with another machine; this invariably clears the problem right up.

Aimee is proficient with Legerdemain and excels at the nocker Art of Infusion. She is very intelligent and is an excellent computer programmer.

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Hermione holding a card

Hermione is something of an enigma, even among sluagh. It is known that she is a close friend of Princess Niamh, sister and court seer to Prince Llew, the ruler of the Silver Lion, but beyond that she has revealed very little of her past, even to her friends.

Whatever the case, Hermione has been befriended by the members of the Crossroads motley, and serves as a sort of "associate member" of the group. Though solidly behind her oathmates, she generally keeps her own council, and says little unless spoken to.

Hermione has demonstrated some prowess with both Primal and Soothsay. Like most sluagh, she is also proficient at gathering information. Her other talents remain a mystery, much as she herself does.


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Lita, ready for action

Always bigger and stronger than the other kids in school (even the boys), Lita found out why this was so in the fifth grade, when she underwent her Chrysalis and discovered she was a troll. Soon after her Saining, she became the squire of Lady Freya Odinnsdöhter, the second-in-command of the baronial guard of Caer Leon, who taught her of the trolls' proud history as guardians. Lita took her lessons very seriously, and oathbound herself to the rest of the Crossroads motley as their protector.

In addition to her duties as the motley's protector, Lita is also a member of the baronial guard. She has shown great prowess at the warrior's craft, and Lady Freya and Sir Kellin (the captain of the baronial guard) have begun to entrust her with increasingly more important tasks.

Lita is proficient in both Primal and Wayfare, and in addition to her martial skills, is an excellent cook.


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Mina in a yellow dress, surrounded by flowers

Mina was born beautiful. As a child, she had everything she could ever want, and was doted on by her parents, who were not above spoiling their darling little girl just a bit. She attended the best schools, spent summers in Europe, and was adored by everyone she met. When she discovered her true identity as a noble of House Fiona shortly before beginning sixth grade, she charmed the members of fae society just as easily as she had the mortals.

Like many members of House Fiona, Mina was introduced to the pleasures of romance at an early age. Ever since then, she has enjoyed the attentions of a bevy of handsome suitors—at one point even including His Royal Highness, Prince Llew ap Fiona, himself! As she's still young, she seems content to play the field at present; only time will tell if she chooses to direct her attentions solely toward one of her admirers.

Mina is proficient with Sovereign, and is learning the intricacies of court from Lady Alexandria, Prince Llew's chamberlain.

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Rei on the temple steps

Rei is the daughter of a Japanese eshu named Akiko and a mortal father. When she was quite young, her parents died under mysterious circumstances, something which haunts her to this day. Raised as a miko, or Shinto priestess, by her Kinain grandfather, she learned of her mystical heritage at an early age. When she underwent her Chrysalis at the age of nine and emerged as an eshu, it was to little surprise.

Rei's grandfather died shortly after she finished junior high school, but she maintains the fiction that he is still alive in order to maintain custody of their temple, which is actually the motley's freehold. It helps that she's been sort of "adopted" by Lady Miria Okami, a Prodigal shapechanger who is apparently a distant cousin of hers, and that she is able to maintain the temple with the generous checks that arrive each month from an unknown benefactor (Unknown even to Rei, this benefactor is in fact the Unseelie eshu Ysolde Nyx, who helps support the younger changeling due to her friendship with Rei's deceased mother.).

Rei recently began a relationship with a fellow student at Larry Dixon High, the young magus Derrick Ryan, and the two are currently exploring the depths of their feelings for one another.

Rei is a mistress of Soothsay, and is training to become a healer under Lady Althea ni Liam, the baronial physician.

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Serina enjoying an ice-cream cone

Serina, so her friends claim, could talk the horns off a satyr. Even though she's a bit slow on the uptake, she's a real sweetheart, and her adorable looks only increase the impulse others have to take care of her and excuse her follies.

Unlike some of her Kith, Serina's version of the pooka Frailty manifests itself as her speaking the truth, but as she wishes it to be. While this may at first seem to be less of a problem than the more spectacular lies spun by others of her Kith, it has gotten her into trouble on a few occasions.

Serina has a crush on Darian, a young eshu Wilder who is a member of the baronial guard. To his discomfiture, she has taken to telling everyone she encounters how much he loves her. He actually is quite fond of her, though, and perhaps he will soon let her know. Of course, Serina's response will most likely be, "I knew it all the time!"

Serina has some skill at both Legerdemain and Primal. She also has a chimerical companion, a small black cat she calls Luna, who sometimes accompanies her around the freehold and translates what she says.

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