To Her Most Gracious Majesty,
Queen Mab ni Fiona of the Kingdom of Apples:

Your Majesty, it grieves me to report that Her Excellency, the Countess Crystal ni Fiona, ruler of the Western Door, died early yesterday morning after a sudden illness. I know that I speak for all here at Caer Leon and in the Barony of the Silver Lion when I say that she will be missed.

As per the requests of Her Excellency's retinue, her remains will be conveyed to the Western Door for burial. In the interests of solidarity, I will be accompanying the funeral train to the Western Door and attending Her Excellency's funeral shortly thereafter.

Let me say again that all of us here in the Barony of the Silver Lion mourn the passing of a fine ruler. She will be sorely missed.

Yours in service,
Prince Llew ap Fiona
Baron of the Silver Lion
Heir to the Duchy of SilverWater

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