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"Might there be a sage among your people who could decipher this?"
"...Might know of such a sage."
---Conversation between Eyes-Like Rain, Nunnehi ambassador to the court of SilverWater, and Robur, regarding a cryptic letter received by our heroes, and Sir Ulrich's interjection to said conversation

"It's not abandoned -- they live there."
---Crowe's response to a comment made on the Lost Girls' residing in an abandoned apartment building

"It would be proper to direct your subjects to investigate this on your behalf, Your Highness."
"He means instead of going yourself."
---Eyes-Like-Rain's comment on Llew's desire to investigate the disappearance of the Lost Girls personally, and Crowe's interpretation of such

"Do you have an abode?"
"I sort of consider the entire world to be my abode."
"That would be no, then."
---Conversation between Lady Tyrissa Sorring and Crowe

"I've always wondered what foreigners thought of this city."
"Just who are you saying is the foreigner here?"
---Conversation between Ulrich and Eyes-Like-Rain

"During a lull in the conversation, I check for any noise."
--Eyes-Like-Rain's player, as the characters tried to investigate the disappearance of the Lost Girls, and Crowe, Robur and Ulrich waffled about what to do

"Now she's rolling the dice to see if there is a lull in the conversation."
---Eyes-Like-Rain's player, as the GM rolled the dice for his listening check

"Politics is sort of like going out with a few girls at the same time."
---Robur, making observations about politics

"Between last session and this one, Ulrich has found a number of dried-flower bouquets outside his apartment door."
"And I've checked them quite thoroughly for listening devices."
---Conversation between the GM and Ulrich's player, re, in-between session events and Ulrich's paranoid tendencies

"Alas, she's back to her old self."
---Ulrich, on the reappearing Lady Sakura Dreamstar ni Eiluned

"Severin sent us to you...oops, he didn't want us to mention his name..."
---Crowe, to Sir Kellin, re, Severin Blackarrow directing our heroes to the Scathach knight for his knowledge of Irish mythology, and Severin's admonition not to leak the information that he was responsible for stealing a letter from a local Shadow Court spy

"I like my theory."
"That Llew is the center of the universe and everything's fine?"
---Conversation between Robur and Eyes-Like-Rain, re, the characters trying to determine the reason for Duchess Lisanietta of the Delta Crescent's wanting to ensure progeny from the union of Prince Llew and Lady Sharanya

"He's not drunk -- he's just mellow enough to talk to us now."
---Robur's player's observation on Sir Kellin and a bottle of Guinness Stout, and upon Crowe's player's assertion that the Scathach knight was drunk.

"I'm just recalling your 'foreigner' faux pas."
---Eyes-Like-Rain, to Sir Ulrich, after the Gwydion knight made a few politically-incorrect remarks to the Nunnehi ambassador

"See? Sir Ulrich can be tactful, just like Robur."
---Robur's player, re, the aforementioned politically-incorrect remarks

"He doesn't mean to be rude -- it just comes naturally."
---Ulrich's player, on the Gwydion knight's politically-incorrect remarks

"So Robur eventually looks at her face?"
"No, but he still recognizes her."
---Conversation between Tyrissa's player and Robur's player, re, the GM's description of Black Fury Galliard Sarah Heart-of-Fire's club-going outfit (a bustier, miniskirt, and high heels)

"Should I leave my First and Second Amendments by the door, too?"
---Ulrich, upon being asked to check his broadsword at the entrance to the J. Edgar Hoover Building while on a visit to see Sir Kellin

"I'm disappointed -- they've never frisked me."
---Robur, after passing through the metal detectors during the aforementioned visit to the J. Edgar Hoover Building

"Who is it -- Castro?"
---Ulrich, following Sir Kellin's cursing at the results of a phone number search on FBI computers

"The vampires in New Orleans weren't as polite as you guys are -- they were trying to eat us left and right."
---Crowe, to Isabeau de Morrissey, secretary to vampire elder Louis de Valmont, on the differences between the vampires in New Orleans and Washington, D.C.

"Writing a blank check to a vampire -- that's a great idea."
---Ulrich's reply to Crowe's assertion that the eshu would do "anything he could" to make up for dropping Francesca da San Germano (vampire Prince of Washington, D.C.)'s name to the vampires of New Orleans without her knowledge during the rescue of Princess Niamh

"I usually go to the garage and say, 'It's not working -- make it work, please.'"
---Ulrich, on his car, as the group stopped for gas during a mission.

"Crowe forgot his asbestos underwear; he's going back home for it."
---Eyes-Like-Rain's player, attempting to explain Crowe's suddden absence (due to Crowe's player not being there), and commenting on the eshu's tendency to get burned by opponents

"So, was it extra virgin?"
"Well, I put it in, so I guess it's not virgin anymore."
---Conversation between Eyes-Like-Rain and Robur, after Robur put some oil in Sir Ulrich's car during the aforementioned stop for gas

"So, I guess you and Joe'll be busy with the mops and buckets, huh?"
"I think our temp job just ended."
---Conversation between Ulrich and Eyes-Like-Rain, re, Derrick causing the vampire Davida's head to explode, and Jotaro Bringer-of-Storms and Eyes-Like-Rain sneaking into the place she was holding Rei by posing as temporary janitorial workers

"I was going to distract her."
"Like you distracted the receptionist?"
"Yeah, but that would have been a lot better."
"It could have been a lot deadlier."
---Conversation between Robur and Tyrissa, re, Robur's attempt to "distract" the vampiress Davida during Rei's rescue

"Everyone needs love, Robur."
"She certainly did."
---Conversation between Crowe and Robur, re, Robur "distracting" the receptionist of the clinic where Davida was holding Rei by trying to seduce her

"Sir Ulrich has a much better chance of picking somebody up."
---Robur, on the clinic receptionist's lack of desirable physical characteristics (and methods of applying perfume)

"I am still learning about such things, but would she not be apprehensive about an eshu questioning her about something of value?"
"Just what are you insinuating, my good man?"
---Conversation between Eyes-Like-Rain and Crowe, re, Crowe's plan to learn more of Lady Sakura's ring, and Eyes-Like-Rain's assessment of some Kithain's views about eshu

"I had nothing at all to do with that adventure, but my glass is empty."
---Eyes-Like-Rain, to Fianna Galliard and bartender Duncan mac Rhiannon, after Duncan gave Robur and Ulrich free drinks upon hearing the their tales of a fight against Black Spiral Dancers in New Orleans

"If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it must be a government surveillance device."
---Eyes-Like-Rain's player, making light of Ulrich's paranoid tendencies

"You have such wonderful titles -- I wouldn't want to mangle them."
---Ulrich's explanation of his lack of knowledge about Garou titles

"Insert two dots of Etiquette here."
---Ulrich's player, as the heroes greeted sept leader Robin Songshaper and their players floundered for the right things to say

"Please excuse the ignorant male."
---Robur, recalling Black Fury Ahroun Reva Breaks-the-Spiral's assessment of most of the group ("Stupid males!") after Crowe's faux pas in her presence

  "Robur, it's your turn to change the baby, and you said we'd take turns."
---Lady Tyrissa, trying to get the amorous young satyr away from a pretty young thing and back to business

"Hi guys; this is Mandy -- she's a cheerleader. She's pretty, and jiggles nicely, and looks great in short skirts..."
---Ulrich's player, making light of Robur's introducing one of his new "lady-friends" to the rest of the group

"If you pass by a dictionary, you could look up 'moderation.' You probably aren't familiar with it..."
---Ulrich, to Robur, after the latter complained of a stomachache after eating an entire box of candy

"This tracking stuff is getting a little deep and stinky."
---Tyrissa's player, to Eyes-Like-Rain's player, after he joked about the amount of information gained on a tracking roll

"In my day, bands wore pentagrams and nice normal things like that -- not that awful stuff!"
---Ulrich, commenting on his siter's boyfriend's band's choice of adornment ("CCCP" on red T-shirts)

"I found out that to be a nun, you have to be Catholic."
---Ulrich's half-joking remark to his mortal sister

"We follow the scent of musk..."
---Eyes-Like-Rain's player, commenting on how the group found Robur after Shaaza tackled him to the floor and began making love in full view

"I've found it's not wise to pry into Sir Kellin's personal affairs."
---Crowe, after the group discovered the evidence of the Captain of the Guard secretly offering sacrifices in the woods around Caer Leon

"So it's not his woods, it's her woods."
---Tyrissa, after the group visited Sir Cormac and Diana Claws-of-Luna

"Robur, stop that right now."
---Eyes-Like-Rain, catching Robur petting him

"Stop writing right now! You're not putting that on the web site!"
---Eyes-Like-Rain's player, as the GM started jotting down a rather risqué quote involving Robur and a candle party

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