Tenants of the Villa Domina Apartments

Apartment 1 (2 BR)

Dr. Isabel Ryan: Retired psychiatrist. A handsome woman, apparently in her seventies, with hair gone entirely to silver and brilliant green eyes. She generally prefers comfortable casual attire. She often works in her garden, sometimes accompanied by her granddaughter, Arianna Tull, and treats many of the other tenants in a benignly maternal fashion.

Apartment 3 (2 BR)

Keiko Li: Junior Executive at Li and Ogiso, an Asian company making inroads into the U.S. market. A woman in her twenties with long black hair, vivid emerald-green eyes (partially hidden behind silver-framed glasses), and a poised, self-assured manner. She prefers to wear tailored suits in fine fabrics for work, and comfortable casual ensembles in her off-hours, and is always perfectly groomed, no matter what the circumstances.

Rao Koji: Student at Georgetown University. An Asian teenager with sharp features, rather cute in a slightly underfed-looking sort of way. He usually wears jeans and T-shirts, sometimes with a black leather jacket over these ensembles. He has the obsessions typical of a teenage boy. Keiko's little brother.

Apartment 4 (2 BR)

Christopher Ryan: Paramedic/Emergency Medical Technician at Georgetown University Hospital. An athletic man in his twenties with abundant raven-black hair and emerald-green eyes. Generally dresses in well-worn jeans and T-shirts with pictures of animals on them (wolves seem to be a particular favorite). His apartment contains archery equipment and a variety of plants in addition to the standard furnishings. Benjamin Dargo's roommate.

Benjamin "Ben" Dargo: Student at Georgetown University with a part-time job as an aide at Georgetown University Hospital. A rather striking youth in his late teens with jet-black skin and stark-white hair. He is frequently seen in a soft leather vest and trousers held together with lacing on either side. He has a large collection of heavy metal music CDs (interspersed with some Goth music ones), and always seems to look on the dark side of life. Christopher Ryan's roommate.

Apartment 5 (2 BR)

Marcy Wisnewski: Superintendent and maintenance worker for the Villa Domina Apartments. A wiry woman in her mid-twenties with brown hair dyed fire-engine red, snapping dark eyes, and an abrupt manner, she generally favors battered jeans and T-shirts, with a well-stocked leather tool belt around her waist. She is almost never without a battered red metal tool box.

Apartment 7 (2 BR)

Faith Summers: Student at Larry K. Dixon Senior High School. An athletic young woman of average height with strong features, a stubborn chin, and, very often, a sullen expression. A tousled mane of dark hair hangs to her shoulders, a few locks often falling into her face. Her eyes are a deep brown. She prefers to wear jeans, combat boots, and a red tank top.

Zoë McLay: Student at Larry K. Dixon Senior High School. She has a part-time job as an office assistant for Tull Investigations. A slender, pretty teenager with long, curling strawberry-blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She generally wears casual fashions in bright colors.

Apartment 9 (2 BR)

Sonja Kerrigan: Student at Georgetown University, with a part-time job as an office assistant at the Sonia Ruby Memorial Clinic and Women's Shelter. A slim young woman of average height, with long black hair, unusual amber eyes, and an impish grin. She generally favors black clothing, and a golden crescent moon pendant hangs around her neck on a cord of braided hair. She makes no secret of her preference for relationships with members of her own gender; one of her roommates, Drusilla Cunningham, is known to be her lover.

Drusilla Cunningham (a/k/a "Dru"): A student at Georgetown University, she has a part-time job as a clerk at Aleta's Occult, an occult bookstore near the campus. A striking young woman with fine features, raven-black hair to her waist, deep midnight-blue eyes, and an unblemished porcelain complexion. She favors outfits in deep, strong colors, and always wears a representation of a black unicorn somewhere on her person. Roommate to Sonja Kerrigan and Kathleen O'Malley.

Kathleen O'Malley: Student at the University of Virginia at Silver Woods. A sweet-faced young woman in her late teens with long red hair (generally held back with a ribbon), green eyes, and an amiable disposition. She prefers to wear fashionable clothes in shades that accent her coloring, often accented with jewelry that incorporates a Celtic motif. She is known as the most domestic of the three women who share her apartment.

Apartment 10 (2 BR)

Julian Montgomery: Student at Georgetown University. A slender, serious young man on the taller side of average, with luxuriant raven hair, mysterious dark eyes, and elegant features. His usual attire consists of a white oxford shirt and dark-colored dress pants and shoes, or, for more casual occasions, polo shirts over black jeans. He is almost never without some sort of book.

Gordon Mueller: Student at Georgetown University, and a dedicated athlete. Over six feet tall, with a powerful, well-muscled frame, he has an air of earthy good humor. His hair is a dark blond, and his eyes are blue. He generally wears jeans, sneakers, and tight T-shirts that emphasize his physique.

Apartment 12 (2 BR)

Virginia "Ginny" Benson: A student at UV Silver Woods who has aspirations of becoming a professional dancer, she performs at numerous Renaissance festivals and in a number of stage shows in the area. A vivacious young woman in her late teens with luxuriant chestnut hair, wide-set blue-green eyes, and a spattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose, she prefers to dress in colorful casual fashions.

Lancelot "Lance" Anders: A prospective student at UV Silver Woods. His hair bleaches rapidly in the sun, so he has pale blond hair with darker hair occasionally peaking out from underneath. He tends to keep his hair in a ponytail when he is out and about.

Apartment 13 (2 BR)

Chelsea Rice-Hunter: Writer (best known for her vampire novels) and part-time creative writing instructor at Georgetown University and UV at Silver Woods. A woman in her mid- to late twenties, of average height and build, with an unblemished porcelain complexion, a mane of raven-black hair to her waist, long-lashed chocolate-brown eyes, and a cameo-perfect profile. She prefers to wear fine casual fashions in colors that enhance her dark, mysterious beauty, and always wears an emerald cabochon set in silver at her throat, and a simple gold wedding band on her left hand. She is generally encountered only in the evening.

Rick Hunter: A Special Agent for the F.B.I., and Chelsea Rice-Hunter's husband. A man in his late twenties with an athletic build, black hair, and dark brown eyes. His taste in clothing seems to run toward "comfortable;" jeans and button-down shirts (or T-shirts for more casual occasions) are staples of his wardrobe. He always wears a gold wedding ring (a slightly larger version of his wife's) on his left hand. Like Chelsea, he's generally seen in the evenings.

Apartment 20 (2 BR)

Aeryn McSkeath: A recent arrival from Ireland in her mid-to-late twenties, with a slender, athletic frame. Her jet-black hair is woven into a series of elaborate braids ornamented with black feathers and silver bands, and her eyes are a clear silver-gray. She dresses in unadorned blacks and grays, often topped off with a black leather jacket. A silver disk enameled with a black unicorn's head hangs at her throat.

Rena McSkeath: Aeryn's adopted daughter. A slender girl of fourteen with a mane of raven hair and brilliant blue-green eyes. She is generally garbed in jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. A pendant shaped like a raven (a gift from Aeryn) hangs around her neck on a delicate silver chain.

Apartment 22 (2 BR)

Calandra Michaels: A musician with her own band, Life's Flame. A vivacious young woman in her early twenties with a mane of auburn curls, a peaches-and-cream complexion, and ivy-green eyes that sparkle with a hint of mischief. She prefers to wear jeans and T-shirts with the logos of folk or filk groups on them, and generally has at least one instrument with her at all times—guitar, fiddle, bodhran (a frame goatskin drum) or flute, or any combination thereof.

Karl Jensen: An airbrush artist who has attached himself to Life's Flame. A stocky young man of indeterminate age with shaggy russet hair and a wide smile, he prefers to dress in jeans and airbrushed T-shirts of his own design. He and Calandra spend a fair amount of time together.

Alex Leslie: The percussionist for Life's Flame, he also provides backup vocals. A lanky young man with sun-streaked light brown hair, gentle blue eyes, and a warm smile. He likes to be around people, and pretty women in particular. He and the two women in the band share intimacies on and off, though they insist they are "just friends."

Cyndi Warner: The guitarist and flutist for Life's Flame, she also provides backup vocals. She and Calandra have done most of the composing for the group (Calandra writes most of the songs). Cyndi has a mane of honey-colored curls that reaches nearly to her waist, and autumn-gold eyes.

Apartment 24 (3 BR)

Yuki Inuyama: A policewoman in her native Japan (currently moonlighting as a security specialist for Li and Ogiso). A Japanese woman in her mid-twenties, with long blue-black hair generally worn in a braid or ponytail, dark, mysterious eyes, and a commanding manner. She generally prefers to wear casual clothes in dark colors.

Kuang Shixuang ("Shang"): Security specialist for Li and Ogiso. A large, broad-shouldered Asian man with the typical blue-black hair and dark eyes. He generally favors simple cotton workshirts over canvas pants, and often seems out of place in the city.

Kazumi Rao: Student. A skinny teenager on the shorter side of average, with unkempt black hair and sly dark eyes, he is generally attired in jeans and T-shirts. He and Jun Shiratori spend a great deal of time together playing video games, observing their fellow tenants, and engaging in adolescent hijinks.

Jun Shiratori: Student. A vivacious, talkative teenager with bright eyes, bobbed black hair, and an amiable disposition. She generally prefers casual outfits that incorporate video game or anime images. She and Kazumi spend a great deal of time together engaging in adolescent hijinks.

Hamaji Kagami: An impeccably-groomed Asian woman in her twenties with artfully-arranged black hair, mysterious dark eyes, and a somewhat superior manner. She prefers to wear blouses and skirts in rich jewel-toned colors, often made of silk.

Shino Inuyama: An attractive Asian man in his late teens, with the typical black hair and dark eyes. He prefers to dress in simple, comfortable outfits that don't impede freedom of movement, and often seems to be suffering from culture shock.

Apartment 25 (3 BR)

Alix Andersson: Student at Georgetown University. An androgynous-looking young woman of slightly better than average height, with a boyish, athletic build, short-cropped ash-blonde hair, and cool gray eyes. She dresses in loose casual clothes that don't impede freedom of movement – T-shirts, sweat pants and sneakers seem to be particular favorites.

Nerissa Elliott: A student at Georgetown University, she also has a part-time job at the Rock Creek Park Nature Center. A slim young woman with a mane of auburn curls, deep blue-violet eyes, and a peaches-and-cream complexion. She generally dresses in casual ensembles in bright colors, with her hair sometimes held back by a wide ribbon. Her warmth for almost everyone is well-known.

Tatiana Grushenko: Student at Georgetown University. A cool, pale beauty with platinum-blonde hair, a perfect porcelain complexion, and wide silvery-gray eyes. She has a tendency to speak in odd non sequiters, delivered in a strong accent, and often has a faraway look in her eyes. She generally dresses in blouses and skirts in subdued colors.

Sarah Asagiri: Student at Georgetown University, and a musician with her own band, Moonlight Rambler. A vivacious young woman with long blue-black hair cut in a modified shag, sparkling green eyes, and a ready smile. When performing or clubbing, she dresses in bustiers, miniskirts, and high heels; otherwise, she seems to prefer colorful casual ensembles. An odd tattoo adorns her left breast.

Joe Asakura: Student at Georgetown University. A lean Asian youth of about average height, with longish black hair, dark brown eyes, and a sly grin. He prefers to wear jeans and T-shirts adorned with images of various anime series. His affection for Sarah Asagiri is well-known, though the two seem to be hesitant about going too far for some reason.

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