The Barony of the Silver Lion

Being a listing of prominent individuals, both Kithain and not, residing within the Barony of the Silver Lion and its outlying environs. Compiled by Evelyn Wickham, sluagh Archivist of the Duchy of SilverWater, Kingdom of Apples.

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The Household of Caer Leon
Other Prominent Kithain
The Crossroads Motley
The Lost Girls
Refugees from The Dreaming
Prominent Non-Kithain

The Household of Caer Leon

Prince Llew ap Fiona: House Fiona Sidhe. Ruler of the Barony and heir to the duchy of SilverWater. An impossibly beautiful youth of eighteen, with hair like the sun and eyes the vivid blue of a summer sky. He has a fondness for dressing in red silk and black velvet, often trimmed with silver.

Princess Niamh: House Eiluned Sidhe. Llew's little sister and court Seer. A slender, delicate thirteen-year-old girl, with porcelain skin, eyes of a deep violet, and luxuriant black hair often bound up in a snood trimmed with polished quartz crystals. She dresses in gowns of black and silver, carries a crystal sphere, and is often accompanied by her pet, a winged black cat named Ebony.

Lady Alexandria: House Gwydion Sidhe. Chamberlain of Caer Leon. A straight-backed woman in her mid-to-late twenties, with red-gold hair worn piled atop her head, eyes of a shade midway between blue and green, and generally possessed of a severe expression. She wears high-necked gowns of dark green velvet, fastened at the waist with a girdle of gold and emeralds, from which dangles a large ring of keys.

Sir Kellin: House Scathach Sidhe. Captain of the Baronial Guard. A man in his mid-twenties, with raven-black hair and storm-gray eyes, a serious expression, and a swordsman's muscles. He is nearly always clad in black plate mail with silver trim, and a surcoat bearing the black unicorn crest of his House. Both sword and dagger hang at his belt, and he is frequently accompanied by a raven named Dar.

Sir Cormac: House Scathach Sidhe. Councillor to Prince Llew. A darkly-tanned man in his mid-twenties with dark brown eyes and black hair that falls to his shoulders, dressed in a vest, trousers, loincloth, and boots of buckskin. He carries a deerskin pouch on his belt, and arms himself with a spear. All in all, he presents a rather wild appearance.

Lord Waylon: House Dougal Sidhe. Councillor to Prince Llew. A heavyset man in his late fifties (placing him firmly in grumpdom), with blue eyes and hair gone entirely to gray. He walks with a limp, and is fond of lamenting about how much better things were back in "the good old days." He dresses simply, in a tunic bearing his House crest, serviceable trousers, and sensible shoes.

Sir Athos: House Liam Sidhe. Liaison between the barony and Count Garrett ap Liam of the Verdant Glade. A slender, quiet man in his late twenties with light brown hair and brown eyes, rather plain for a Sidhe, clad in a blue shirt and gray trousers, with a pendant in the shape of the blasted silver tree of his House around his neck. He has a French accent, and walks with a cane (due to an old injury).

Lady Arianrhod: House Liam Sidhe. Liaison between the barony and Count Garrett ap Liam of the Verdant Glade, and Sir Athos's wife. A vivacious woman of about 25 with a mane of auburn hair and emerald-green eyes, clad in blue and silver. A silvery sword, worked on the pommel with her House crest, hangs at her belt.

Lady Freya Odinnsdöhter: Troll affiliated with House Fiona. Sir Kellin's second-in-command. A seven-and-a-half-foot-tall female troll of about 25 with shoulder-length golden hair and cornflower-blue eyes, clad in a red shirt, black trousers, and black leather armor (sometimes with a House Fiona surcoat on top). She usually bears a sword and dagger at her belt.

Lady Althea: House Liam Sidhe. Baronial physician. A quiet, bespectacled woman in her late twenties, with honey-brown hair braided and coiled low on her neck, a fair complexion subject to the rare blush, and wide-set chocolate-brown eyes. She dresses simply, in modest gowns in soft blue, accented with sapphires set in silver for court.

Lady Allicia: House Dougal Sidhe. A member of Lord Waylon's entourage. A heavyset woman of about 30, with brown hair and thick glasses, she is confined to a motorized wheelchair. She dresses in a baggy tunic and trousers in her House colors.

Ossian: House Fiona Sidhe. Bard of the Silver Lion. A sweet-faced boy of thirteen, with luxuriant russet curls and sparkling emerald-green eyes. He has a penchant for dressing in black velvet breeches, low boots, and a tunic of red silk bearing the Silver Lion crest of his House. He frequently carries a small lap harp of rich, warm brown wood with silver strings.

Ceilidh: House Scathach Sidhe. Squire to Sir Kellin. A thirteen-year-old tomboy with thick black hair bound up in a ponytail by a silver ribbon, and sparkling emerald-green eyes, dressed in a black leather jerkin with her House crest sewn over the heart, a white shirt, and gray trousers and boots, with a short sword at her belt. Often accompanied by a small white unicorn named Aoife.

Kieran: House Scathach Sidhe. Squire to Sir Kellin. A quiet, serious boy of about thirteen, with unruly black hair and ice-blue eyes. He usually wears a plain black leather jerkin over a white shirt, and dark gray trousers and boots, with a fine short sword at his belt. A recent arrival from the Tuath of Shadows (the Isle of Skye) in the United Kingdom, he still retains its accent in his speech.

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Other Prominent Kithain

Lady Sharanya ("Shari"): House Eiluned Sidhe originally from the Kingdom of Willows. Prince Llew's fiancée. A slender, graceful young woman of about 18, with long black hair, dyed with silver streaks, and autumn-gold eyes. She has a crescent moon tattooed on her right breast, and her ears are pierced with many rings. She generally wears revealing outfits in shades of midnight blue and burgundy, complemented by a silver choker bearing the sigil of House Eiluned.

Lady Jessamine: Eshu originally from the Kingdom of Willows. Attendant to Lady Sharanya. A slender young woman with café-au-lait skin, fathomless dark eyes, and a cap of dark brown ringlets. She dresses in brightly-colored frocks that set off her coloring to best advantage, preferring warm yellows, oranges and reds, with a few pieces of golden jewelry for accents.

Solomon ("Solly") Abrams: Nocker. Handyman for the barony. A typical example of his kith, in his late teens, with a penchant for model-building and an irascible disposition.

Calandra: Satyr musician. A vivacious young woman in her early twenties with a mane of russet curls, a peaches-and-cream complexion, and ivy-green eyes that sparkle with a hint of mischief. Her goat's legs are covered with a soft carpet of mahogany curls. She prefers to wear a green leather bodice and darker green scarf (and not much else!), and generally carries a flute, fiddle, or bodhran (a small drum).

Karl Jensen: Redcap artist. A typical example of his kith, though he seems less fierce than many other redcaps due to his Seelie nature and Calandra's instructions in joie de vivre. He prefers to dress in jeans and airbrushed T-shirts of his own design, some of which shift and change when viewed with Fae kenning.

Lady Aeryn (née Lady Raven ni Skatha): House Scathach Sidhe originally from Hibernia. A woman in her mid-to-late twenties, with a slender, athletic frame. Her jet-black hair is woven into a series of intricate braids ornamented with black feathers and silver bands, and her eyes are a clear gray. She dresses in unadorned blacks and grays, and a matched pair of knives hangs at her belt.

Lillith: House Scathach Sidhe. A known assassin, with an as-yet-unexplained tie to Sir Kellin. A lithe and slender woman in her early to mid-twenties, with close-cropped black hair, dark blue eyes, and a sardonic smile. She prefers to wear form-fitting black garments, and generally conceals a multitude of weapons on her person.

Ysolde Nyx: Eshu. Goth musician, nightclub owner, information entrepreneur, and Kithain-about-town. A tall, slender woman with hip-length blue-black hair that flows about her like a cloak, and fathomless deep blue eyes. She likes to dress in black satin and lace, and affects the white makeup, black lipstick, and ornate black eyeliner of the Goth subculture.

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The Crossroads Motley

Lita: Troll affiliated with House Fiona. Guardswoman. A female troll in her late teens, with brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, blue-green skin, and pale green eyes. She generally wears silver armor under a House Fiona surcoat. A war hammer hangs at her belt.

Serina: Pooka hanger-on. A charmingly cute teenager with long blonde pigtails, wide blue eyes, and the long, velvety ears and fluffy white tail of a rabbit. She generally wears a white blouse and short blue skirt (with an opening for her tail). Extremely talkative, and very optimistic.

Rei: Eshu. Assistant to Lady Althea. A pretty Asian girl in her late teens, with waist-length blue-black hair and mysterious dark eyes. She prefers to wear a white jacket and red pantaloons, with Japanese tabi and zori sandals on her feet. She is known as a mistress of Soothsay.

Aimee: Nocker. An associate of Solomon's. A small, slender individual in her late teens with short-cropped blue-black hair and blue eyes, vividly pink cheeks, and black swirls at the corners of her eyes. She prefers to dress in blue, and always carries a laptop computer.

Lady Mina: House Fiona Sidhe. A golden-haired beauty with sapphire-blue eyes and a complexion like fresh cream. She prefers to dress in ruffled skirts and sleeveless blouses in the rich shades of the sunset.

Hermione: Sluagh. A small, delicate waif with moon-pale skin, a mantle of black hair, and deep violet eyes (rather attractive for one of the underfolk). She favors long-sleeved and high-necked black dresses that create a long, flowing silhouette with many folds, giving them a sort of classical feeling.

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The Lost Girls

Evalie: House Liam Sidhe and leader of the motley. A young woman of about twenty with multicolored hair, aquamarine eyes, and fair skin that flushes easily whenever she is gripped by strong emotions. She has an anarchy symbol tattooed on her left breast, and a tiny sapphire stud in her nose. She prefers to wear tight tops and jeans, sometimes topping the whole with a battered leather jacket.

Shaaza: Satyr exotic dancer. A Wilder satyr who appears to be about eighteen, with a mane of tousled red-gold hair and rich blue-violet eyes. Her leg pelt is a rich auburn, and she often paints her hooves a brilliant red. She frequently dresses in tight-fitting tops that accentuate her deep cleavage, and as little as she can get away with on her legs. She has a rose tattooed on her left breast, and wears small gold rings in her nipples.

Tula: Eshu. A dark-skinned girl of perhaps fourteen, with long jet-black hair and brilliant green eyes. She prefers to wear a sleeveless brocade vest over a white blouse, full trousers gathered at her ankles, and short leather boots. A pair of golden earrings shaped like crescents depending from stalks dangle from her earlobes.

Rena: House Scathach Sidhe. Squire to Lady Aeryn ni Scathach. A slender girl of fourteen with a mane of raven hair and brilliant blue-green eyes. She is generally garbed in jeans, T-shirts and badly worn sneakers. A pendant shaped like a raven (a gift from Lady Aeryn) hangs around her neck on a delicate silver chain.

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Refugees from The Dreaming

Shane: Herne. A handsome, powerfully-built young man with tanned skin, golden brown hair, and dark eyes. A magnificent rack of antlers sprouts from the top of his head. He possesses a magnetic beauty that seems to draw individuals toward him.

Penelope: Muse. A voluptuous woman in her twenties with wavy hair the color of dark honey that falls to her waist, eyes the deep blue of the sky at twilight, and an unblemished peaches-and-cream complexion. She prefers to dress in diaphanous Greek chitons, or, in a more modern context, silk blouses and long, full skirts.

Talyn: Fir Bholg. A hirsute youth in his mid-teens, he has shaggy black hair, dark eyes, and the sharp teeth of a predator. A pair of sharp antlers sprouts from his brow. He dresses in buckskin vests, leggings and breechclouts, and sometimes moccasins, though he prefers to go barefoot whenever possible.

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Prominent Non-Kithain

Lady Miria Okami: Prodigal; Half-Moon of the Hakken Garou. Sir Kellin's wife. An attractive Japanese woman in her mid-twenties, with long blue-black hair that seems to float about her face with a life of its own, and dark, mysterious eyes. She favors dark-colored clothing with simple lines, and wears an elegant torc of some silvery metal about her throat. She sometimes carries a well-crafted katana.

Derrick Ryan: Mortal; a friend of Prince Llew and Squire Robur. A slender youth of 18, with silky black hair, brilliant blue-green eyes, and fine features. He prefers to dress casually, in jeans and Renaissance Faire T-shirts. A clerk at Aleta's Occult Shoppe, a store frequented by Princess Niamh.

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