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"They're Fiona! Nobody wears the pants in the family!"
---The GM, in response to a player's comment that Llew "didn't wear the pants in the family."

"Sidhe don't do Co-Ed Naked Twister, okay?"
---An exasperated response from the GM to Charlemagne's player's comment about the activities at Llew's birthday party.

"Who's doing Llew right now?"
---Gregory's player giving a joking response to the GM's summary of information given the characters ("Who's doing what, who's doing who...")

"Lord Biker."
---Robur's player's name for Charlemagne.

"The breasts were different..."
---Robur, describing Lillith ni Scathach in response to a question from Lord Matthew ("Did she look like Lady Raven?")

"A Sidhe who stuffs his bra?"
---Gregory's player's response to the description of Charlemagne's attire.

"I'm in a Freehold with loonies!"
---Sir Gregory Soma ap Liam, making an observation about some of the inhabitants of Caer Leon.

"Onward to the streets of sin!"
"I thought we were going to the Whores' Quarter..."
---Conversation between Sir Gregory and Robur during a pre-Shattering dream sequence.

"It would be the Gwydion who started rolling people over for change."
---Sir Gregory's observation as Lord Matthew procured funds from the bodies of two hunters during a pre-Shattering dream sequence.

"You just missed Hurricane Llew."
---Sir Gregory, at a breakfast right after the prince had hurriedly left for school.

"Somebody hit the snooze button on the Nocker!"
---A hungover Matthew, after being rudely awakened by the imprecations of Solomon the Nocker.

"Walking around like I've got a horseshoe up my behind isn't a Sidhe thing."
"No, it's just a Gwydion thing."
---Conversation between Matthew and Gregory, in regards to the Gwydion baron's behavior.

"Good form, boy! You're learning well --- you'll soon be ready for knighthood!"
---Sir Gregory, re, Kieran kicking the unconscious form of a falcon pooka who had been attacking a number of female Kithain.

"With people like this, you have to stuff them in --- like so!"
---Sir Gregory, suiting actions to words as the troupe crammed the aforementioned misogynist falcon pooka into a laundry cart.

"I like your style."
---Sir Gregory, in response to Dar (Sir Kellin's raven companion)'s request for dibs on the falcon pooka's eyes.

"Back to Caer Loony Bin."
---Sir Gregory, upon returning to Caer Leon after taking care of business in the Kingdom of Grass.

"Don't try to fool me --- I'm a mother; I know these things."
---Lady Justice Worthing, in response to Robur trying to act older than he was to pick her up.

"Sir Cormac is kind of...wild."
"You mean, like, 'get down and party' wild?"
"No, more like, 'run around in the woods' wild."
---Conversation between Robur and Countess Aeowin ni Fiona, on Sir Cormac.

"One of these days, she's gonna have an aneurysm right out on the floor."
---Aeowin, re, Lady Alexandria's extremely agitated behavior of late.

"You haven't left here at all, have you?"
"But, Your Excellency --- the greatest blessing in the universe is here."
---Conversation between Aeowin and Sir Ibrahim in Llew's audience chamber, as the eshu knight held up a cup of coffee.

"Lady Stick-Up-Her-Butt."
---Aeowin's private term for Lady Alexandria

"Yeah, he's healthy...for a sumo."
---Kaith's player's comment on portly satyr knight Sir Porthos

"Some people have double-barrelled names; some have shotguns."
---Ibrahim, introducing himself to Bryghtie.

"I make a mental note --- never do anything incriminating where the jeep can see it."
---Ibrahim's player, upon the eshu's discovery that Sir Kellin's jeep was more than it appears

"I'm prepared to sell my soul today --- are you?"
---Ibrahim, to Robur, broaching the subject of consulting Unseelie eshu information merchant Ysolde Nyx

"Ah, well, as long as she's not dying, I suppose she can suffer until morning."
---Sir Ulrich's tongue-in-cheek comment to Robur after obtaining the antidote to the poison affecting Lady Sakura

"Do you think Ysolde Nyx is involved in this?"
"Most likely."
---Exchange between Ulrich and Ibrahim in regards to a development in the Chronicle's plot

"Eshu have a knack for showing up at the right place at the right time."
"It is at the convenience of Allah."
---Conversation between Aeowin and Ibrahim (maintainer's note: Ibrahim's player then gestured to the GM :-)

"Awwww! They had a party and the fridge blew up, and we weren't here!"
---Aeowin, upon observing the melted and burned refrigerator outside the home of Calandra, Raven and Karl Jensen.

"A squealing bonfire?"
"It's the stuffed animals --- they're evil."
---Exchange between Sir Ulrich and the eshu knight Sir Crowe, as the two watched Robur, Kieran and Ceilidh burning a cage full of Dark-tained Pokémon toys.

"How delightfully brutal, I must say."
---Sir Ulrich, watching Kieran poking an escaping Pokémon back into the burning cage.

"The boggans here are excellent cooks --- as long as nobody poisons it, that is..."
---Sir Ulrich, introducing Sir Crowe to Caer Leon.

"Was there a man in the dream, doing incantations with a skull? I didn't have that dream, mind you, but I was just checking..."
---Sir Ulrich, to Robur, on the dreams our heroes have been experiencing of late.

"Isn't that a little racy for you, Ulrich?"
---Sir Crowe, commenting on a Richard Corben book

"You'd need to be a troll to have knockers that big!"
---Robur, commenting on a woman in a Richard Corben painting.

"We met Lady Scathach. I wish I'd known it at the time --- I'd have asked for her autograph."
---Sir Crowe, after The Dark Lady appeared to Lady Raven.

"Well, 'Lillith' does have all those sharp, pointy letters in it..."
---Robur, commenting on Lillith ni Scathach.

"Bait the bear --- and eat it."
---Crowe's player, on what troll restaurants might be like.

"Did you ever feel like someone was watching you?"
"I feel like that all the time."
---Conversation between Rei and Ulrich, re, Rei unknowingly being spied upon by the Zaibatsu and Ulrich's paranoid tendencies.

"Your stuffiness is coming out, Ulrich."
---Crowe, teasing Ulrich about the Gwydion knight's conservative nature.

"To the Ulrichmobile!"
---Crowe, securing transportation during the rescue of Rei and Derrick by our heroes.

"We go and stand in the special section just for nosy people."
---Ulrich's player, commenting on Prince Llew's audience with Duchess Rhiannon following the revelation of Robur's true Kith.

"As assassins go, she isn't too bad..."
---Ulrich, on Lillith.

"So we all look like Japanese schoolgirls?"
---Ulrich's player's tongue-in-cheek comment on the GM's statement that the characters had most likely traded their normal attire for that of sailors during a sea voyage in a dream sequence.

"Wow, now we have our own paper house."
"And we can even fold it up and take it with us wherever we go."
---Exchange between Ulrich and Crowe's players on the group's accomodations in a traditional Japanese house during a dream sequence.

"So you can keep your mother from having to marry someone she doesn't love?"
---Crowe, in a pre-Shattering dream sequence, re, Llew's urge to return to his usurped kingdom (and on Llew promising Kellin in marriage to the leader of the Asian shapechangers in exchange for their aid --- without the Scathach knight's knowledge).

"Ulrich has that effect on women."
---Crowe, upon hearing that an injured sidhe had fainted into the Gwydion knight's arms (and commenting on Ulrich's attack on Desaadia ni Balor)

"In a democracy, do you think the boggans will make breakfast for us every morning?"
"Well, they probably still would, but they'd call themselves waiters and expect to be paid for it..."
---Exchange between Ulrich and Crowe on a democratic versus a feudal government for the fae.

"Democracy? A new-fangled idea --- it'll never take."
---Ulrich, making further comments on governmental styles.

"We don't usually get caught."
---Lord Mogu ap Eiluned, after he and Crowe were arrested for breaking into The Green Man Pub.

"This is your fault! You told me to go away and I didn't trust you!"
---Lord Mogu, to Crowe, just after the two were arrested for breaking and entering.

"We like the fae --- for dinner. Mu-wa-hah-hah-hah!"
---Ulrich's player, on Diana Ryan's comment that the Fianna "like the fae."

"Apparently, Jilena likes you, Ulrich."
"She'll learn."
---Robur and Crowe, respectively, commenting on Jilena's apparent attraction to the Gwydion knight.

"Armand's the only person I've seen drive faster than Llew. Then again, Armand's already dead, so that might have something to do with it..."
---Robur, commenting on the driving habits of both Prince Llew and vampire anarch Armand de Valois.

"Shore thing! We'll crank up some Skynard, throw the gun in the back of the ol' pickup truck, and head down ta Alabama...On second thought, let's just write a letter."
---Ulrich, coming up with a plan to contact Countess Cassandra ni Eiluned, archivist of the Duchy of Cotton.

"Wow, I've gone cow-tipping, but until now, I've never gone boggan-poking."
---Ulrich, to Mogu, after the two poked awake a boggan who had fallen down on the job while cleaning the halls of Caer Leon.

"Communist bugs, huh? So, do they wear those funny-looking furry hats?"
---Lady Freya, re, Ulrich's assertions about listening devices (and a misunderstanding about listening devices versus flu germs).

"Gee, I've never heard of this brand before. It must be really expensive."
---Ulrich, commenting on Evalie's choice of alcoholic beverages ("Your basic rotgut."---The GM)

"I'm sure you have 911 on speed-dial."
---Robur, re, Lady Aeryn insisting to emergency-room personnel that she was fit enough to go home after having been assaulted by an outlaw motorcycle gang.

"They took after Mogu...I at least want to see..."
---Crowe, to Lady Miria, on the Wild Hunt's appearance on Samhain.

"The poor troll --- someday he'll meet someone he can beat up."
---Robur's player, re, John Rathe's rather one-sided encounter with Loach, Prince of Annwyn.

"Beauty is often only a light switch away, Robur."
---Crowe, responding to Robur's urging Ulrich "not to let any ugly ones in" to the limousine he and Shaaza were enjoying themselves in at Sir Athos and Lady Arianrhod's wedding reception.

"I can barely lower my eyebrows now!"
---Ulrich, to Jilena, re, the going-ons at Caer Leon.

"Would you also be known as 'Jotaro Slasher-of-Sofas'?"
---Ulrich, to Hakken Ragabash Jotaro Bringer-of-Storms, cousin to Lady Miria Okami (re, Jotaro destroying Kellin and Miria's couch during a visit to their apartment)

"The intrepid trio!"
"Oh, are they looking for the princess too?"
---Ulrich's player and Robur's player, respectively, on the heroes' floundering attempt to rescue Princess Niamh from the clutches of a vampire in New Orleans.

"'Gauche' means 'fun.'"
---Robur, offering a comment to a conversation between Crowe and Sir Kellin (Kellin explaining that wearing his armor at the state dinner in the duchy of the Delta Crescent would have been considered gauche by the other sidhe.)

"Well, that explains it -- I can't really see Kellin doing something fun."
---Ulrich's player, re, Robur's aforementioned comment to the exchange between Crowe and Sir Kellin

"Oh, good. If it's dark, we won't be able to spot the werewolves when they sneak up on us."
---Ulrich's sarcastic assessment of the group having only one flashlight to share among nine people while tracking a group of Black Spiral Dancers in the Louisiana bayou.

"You have a fantastic city, Your Grace; it's the residents we have problems with."
---Crowe's explanation of why Prince Llew and his entourage left New Orleans so suddenly after their visit

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