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"They're talking shop!"
-Severin's player, on the meeting between Corax vigilante Talia Longfeather and her Brujah counterpart, Sonja Morgan.

"I didn't let Kellin carry his pistol; I'm not letting you carry your rifle, either."
-Alistair, on Cormac's attire (or lack thereof!).

"An accountant not interested in money? What are you on?"
"A Node---what do you expect?"
-Exchange between Zor's player and Severin's player, on why the Order of Hermes accountant was so willing to work at Heartwood.

"This place is a swamp in more than the moral sense."
-Severin, upon hearing about the Asian weresharks' plan to sink the North American continent in order to prevent the gates to Hell being opened.

"Do you know anything about this?"
"I don't even own a blowgun."
-Conversation between Cormac and Severin, after a poisoned dart was discovered on one of the five Senshi.

"I advise you never to get into an altercation with anything that has teeth longer than your fingers."
-Severin, following his encounter with an Enticer.

"Then we shall give her a nice funeral."
-Severin, on what would happen if Talia didn't make it out alive discovering who was involved with opening the gates to Hell.

"You'd better not let Severin get near your brain."
"Sometimes I wonder if people have them here."
"I think we hang them on the coat rack when we come in."
-Exchange between Zor, Cormac and Severin.

"House Gideon...aren't they the ones who put the Bibles in all those hotel rooms?"
-Severin's player, making a playful jab at another player's mispronunciation of "Gwydion."

"'Professor Carmichael, what are you doing in those robes, chanting in Latin?'
'Nothing, kid. The report's due next week. Now get out of the way of the evil.'"
-Alistair's player, on what the Satyr professor's students would think of the events of Samhain.

"He's a college professor. From this we can deduce the quality of modern education."
-Severin, on Alistair's refusal to let the five Senshi out of his protective circle.

"What do feral Sidhe wear underneath their robes?"
"Blue ribbons."
-Exchange between Frakir's player and Severin's player, on Cormac's choice of attire one morning.

"Haven't you ever read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?"
"I don't read nonfiction."
-Exchange between Zor and Alistair while in a Dream sequence during the Accordance War.

"Blowing is Alistair's job, isn't it?"
-Cormac's lighthearted comment on the rubber raft he was unable to return.

"Like they say---'when it rains, it pours.'"
"Around here, it's more like, 'when it rains, it monsoons.'"
"Please...let us avoid all statements, even in jest, about rising water levels."
-Exchange between Frakir and Zor on how trouble seems to keep finding the motley, and Severin's comment on the conversation.

"Ah, the pells, the pells, the pells!"
-The ST and Severin's player's comment on Kellin's preferred method of working off his frustrations (with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe).

"Now I know how you feel."
-Zor, to Kellin, re, the Scathach knight's recurring nightmares, and a number of shared dreams experience by the motley.

"He has to learn that potted plants aren't trees."
-Alistair on Cormac.

"You know, if you push enough buttons, it makes a song."
-Alistair, to Cormac, on the telephone.

"The Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Troll."
-Zor's player's lighthearted appelation of his character's appearance in a dog trainer's costume.

Scathach do wear something besides black, white, and gray. We just have the good taste not to."
-Cormac, appearing in Fiona colors in honor of a visit from Prince Llew ap Fiona.

"She has a lousy atmosphere and poor taste, but I have nothing against her."
-Cormac, on Ysolde Nyx.

"Kindly zip up your own pants, Frakir."
-Dame Ylanna ni Fiona's comment following Frakir's claim that Zor was arguing over "whose [male appendage] is bigger."

"Modern maple leaves!"
-Ylanna's term for Frakir's Chicanery-forged checks.

"You make an excellent succubus, dear."
-Ylanna, to Wilder Satyr Vivian Tarvos.

"Tell Ysolde, and you tell the world."
-Kellin's tart observation on Ysolde Nyx's propensity for disseminating information.

"She's actually showing some sense. I'm surprised."
-Lady Valeria ni Scathach, upon hearing from Frakir that the Unseelie Eshu information broker wished a vampire feeding upon Kithain taken care of.

"What's the velocity of an unladen swallow?"
"Depends on how far I throw it."
-Conversation between Frakir and Zor.

"Okay, so he can't help us with heavy lifting, fighting, or preparing breakfast for the Troll."
-Frakir's rejoinder when told Sir Athos ap Liam was still recuperating from his injuries.

"Can I attempt to get the phone out of the saddlebag without getting a claw to the crotch?"
-Frakir, to Black Fury Ahroun Diana Claws-of-Luna.

"This time, I'm not the one responsible for the problem."
"Be still my heart!"
-Conversation between Frakir and Zor after Diana's run with a pack of Maenads.

"Leave some scars---it might convince him to be more intelligent next time."
-Cormac, during Lady Elspeth ni Scathach's attempt to heal Frakir after the Eshu was injured using Chicanery to replay a Maenad ritual hunt in Diana's mind.

"If you come any closer, I'll bang two pot lids together."
-Frakir threatening a surly and hungover Kellin.

"The chatterbox on goat legs."
-Frakir's term for Vivian.

"You said the 'D-word!' He doesn't like that!"
-Zor, to Frakir, after the Eshu urged him to deal diplomatically with Devil-Tiger Kenjiro Mishima.

"You could always take her out for chicken wings."
-Zor, to Frakir, on the latter's date with Tengu Ayumi Morisato.

"My Glabro is bigger than your Glabro!"
-The ST's tongue-in-cheek description of Cormac's battle with the Alpha female of the Maenads.

"Just shut up and heal."
-Cormac's Bunk to Heather-Balm Kellin.

"They foxed it over here."
-Frakir, to Hakken Philodox Miria Rides-the-Storm, on her sentai's delivery of a message for her by Kitsune Oyuki Miyamoto.

"Is he the father?"
"No, he's just a man."
-Conversation between nurse Jenny Vandermere and Ylanna, regarding Cormac's absenting himself from Miria's pregnancy test.

"May I make a suggestion as to the purchase of baby supplies? A pacifier. It has nothing to do with Kellin and Miria; it has everything to do with Frakir."
-Ylanna, upon learning that Frakir's rushing of the lab work resulted in Miria testing false positive for pregnancy.

"This center radiates an anti-tact aura."
-Ylanna on Heartwood.

"Tact nukes are when you get the Sidhe so pissed off they start throwing Protocol Cantrips all over the place."
-Ylanna, on Cormac's mispronunciation of "tacnukes."

"Not used to the concrete jungle, are you?"
"I'm getting tired of the metal and squishy plastic jungle, too."
-Conversation between Diana and Cormac on the road to New Orleans.

"I can make an illusion so you aren't sitting in a steel coffin on wheels."
"Thanks for the imagery."
-Conversation between Frakir and Cormac while on the road to New Orleans.

"There are squirrels about."
-Kellin, refusing to allow Cormac to change him into a nut.

"Mama, mama! I want that!"
-A child seeing Frakir in his teddy bear form.

"Let's donate him to a rummage sale."
-Zor on Frakir's vivid attire.

"...and you have something Miria likes..."
-Cormac attempting to change Kellin back from a rock.

"It doesn't open the servants' quarters, any of the bedrooms, or the pantry."
-Portly Satyr knight Sir Porthos, on the mysterious key the motley found in the Freehold of the Verdant Glade.

"Congratulations. You've found us Count Dracula."
-Severin's dry comment on Zor's Will o'the Wisp finding the encyclopedia entry for Vlad Tepes after the Troll urged it to find "the real Count."

"Get off the cross---we need the wood."
-Severin getting exasperated with Frakir's complaints about his bruised feelings.

"If you start thinking that Sluagh know everyone, it's because they do."
-Severin's player, on the Sluagh's abilities to find information anywhere.

"Sluagh love talking to Boggans. You just have to have the patience to listen to them for hours, the intelligence to separate the wheat from the chaff, and the ability to look absolutely fascinated while you're doing it."
-Severin's player's observation.

"And now you know why we like silence so much the rest of the time."
-Severin, to Frakir, following his conversation with a Boggan.

"Rarely does 'ap Gwydion' appear in the Yellow Pages."
-Severin's response to Cormac's idea that they look for Sir Ceinn ap Gwydion in the phone book.

"Don't Trolls keep pets?"
-Severin, to Zor, displaying a handful of live spiders.

"How much damage would a Sluagh do?"
"Probably Strength minus several dice, unless you used him as a garrotte."
-Conversation between Zor's player and Severin's player, on the Troll's thought to use the Sluagh as a weapon.

"You're a different color."
"You're a fine one to talk."
-Conversation between Zor and Frakir (in that lifetime a black slave), during their internment in a Puritan jail during a dream sequence.

"Oh, I get it. Sluagh and happy things don't mix."
"No, Sluagh and loud things don't mix."
-Exchange between Zor's player and Severin's player, on why the Sluagh wanted to keep Kellin's birthday party simple.

"What would a Sluagh on helium sound like?"
"A teakettle...as opposed to Cormac on helium, which would probably sound like a Chihuaha."
-Conversation between Zor's player and Severin's player during the discussion of the motley's preparations for Kellin's birthday party.

"So what color are the decorations?"
"Why, Scathach colors, of course!"
-Exchange between the ST and Severin's player, on Severin's purchasing decorations for Kellin's birthday party.

"I'm sure we can find space in the Freehold for everything."
-Severin's player's comment on Sir Jenner Rainwater's assurance that he could "whip up a few things" for Kellin's birthday party.

"I didn't know they did takeout for vampires."
-Severin, on a delivery of plasma for the Hartwood Community Center's medical clinic arriving at the front door.

"Who's been letting Cormac watch The 700 Club?"
-Severin, commenting upon Cormac's Bunk to restore Kellin's battered practice sword.

"Our reason for leaving---we're researching the grave of our arch-enemy's wife. Do they have a category in their database for that, I wonder?"
-Severin, on the motley's trip to Pacifica.

"Severin does not refer to the train as 'the Nocker's wet dream.'"
-Severin's player, on the bullet train the motley took from Virginia to California.

"Gee, Kellin, I didn't know your paperwork involved multi-legged monsters."
"You weren't here when we had to repair the dojo."
-Frakir, on Kellin playing a game of Heretic on his laptop computer, and Severin's deadpan response.

"Is your car always this ill-behaved?"
"Only when Zor is instructing it."
-Cormac's question to Baroness Seline of Pacifica's driver after Zor shut the window on him, and Severin's response.

"'Stand back, Arianrhod! I'm going to boot up a database!'"
-Severin's player's light-hearted observation why the Sluagh will never go into Bedlam (due to his handling the administrative duties at Heartwood), and on the Sidhe Frailty.

"Stop trying to help, sweetheart."
-Frakir, to Ayumi, while trying to get out of obtaining a passport for the motley's trip to Japan.

"Cormac doesn't know what's up, but his player does!"
-Frakir's player, regarding Cormac's Bunk to make Frakir some ID ("Hand over your clothes...")

"You just love torturing Frakir."
"Don't we all?"
-Conversation between Zor and Severin.

"The honor of Trolls is legendary. Luckily for Zor, honor and truthfulness do not always equate."
-Severin, on Zor's sense of humor.

"I suggest that Frakir stand behind Zor or myself. They'll be so relieved to see someone normal, they won't look too hard."
-Severin's solution to Frakir not wanting to get a passport for fear he might be recognized.

"Severin smiles. Be afraid."
-Severin's player, on her character's actions during a recent adventure.

"That's all right---I'm sure my ears will stop bleeding sometime next month."
-Severin's sarcastic response to Frakir's apology for yelling right next to him.

"What's going on?"
"Frakir's going insane."
-Conversation between Kellin and Severin, re, Frakir displaying symptoms of Bedlam.

"Listen here, young man. I don't have to take this. I could be grading exams---what am I saying?"
-Satyr professor David Hayman, interviewing a less than cooperative Frakir in order to discover how to cure the Eshu of Bedlam.

"Kellin has learned to lighten up. That's the scary part."
-Cormac, in response to the rest of the motley's insistence that Kellin was taking things too seriously.

"When you say, 'Cormac's car,' I shudder."
-Zor, on another motley member's misspeech about Cormac and automobiles.

"At the end of the flight, we'll get a can opener and pry him out!"
-Severin's player, on Zor's encounter with an airplane lavatory.

"Gee, Severin, I didn't know you'd achieved knighthood."
"Neither did I."
-Conversation between Cormac and Severin after Frakir addressed the Sluagh as "Sir Severin."

"It's Severin the MIB!"
-Zor's player, on the motley members' attire during their infiltration of the Zaibatsu (black suits).

"There is a doorstop. It's called 'Zor.'"
-Zor's player, on the Troll's attempt to hold open an automatic door.

"This is not Kellin's disguise day."
-Severin's player, on the Scathach knight's being caught in a headlock by Zor while disguised as one of the Zaibatsu's guards.

"He gets to show off his assets...and his front, too."
-Cormac, on Severin's attire during the group's escape from the Zaibatsu (a leather jacket and no pants).

"Hana and Zor would make great Jehovah's witnesses."
-Zor's player, on the Troll and the Khan warrior breaking down doors.

"Won't those chafe?"
"There are advantages to Squirm."
-Conversation between Zor's player and Severin's player, re, the pair of leather pants Cormac conjured for Severin.

"Quit badgering the badger!"
-Zor, to Frakir, on the Eshu's conversation with Tanuki Shiro.

"Severin makes a mental note---'Talk to the Senshi--maybe they'll make sense.'"
-Severin's player, on the somewhat garbled account Frakir gave of the Kuei-jin wu awakening the Senshi to their full potential.

"That'd be a weapon of last resort---he's rather too skinny."
-Severin, on Zor's jesting idea to use Frakir as a weapon.

"As they say, 'Oops.'"
-Severin, upon hearing about Conall's inadvertant destruction of his allies with the Mirror of Amaterasu.

"Normally, we call it delirium."
"Diana told me Delirium was something else---something about people screaming."
"I won't even ask."
-Conversation between Severin and Cormac, re, a groggy Kellin mistaking Cormac for Dariun.

"All we have to do is get him a Playstation, and we won't have to worry about strange animals wandering the halls."
-Severin, commenting on Cormac's newfound addiction to video games in a Japanese arcade.

"Kenjiro would like to know if the experience was as enlightening for your friends as it was for him."
-Resplendent Crane Quian Jing, to Severin, in reference to her Devil-Tiger wu-mate's combat with Zor and Frakir during the Senshi's awakening.

"We don't pay her enough."
-Zor, upon discovering that Hartwood Community Center's nurse, Jenny Vandermere, was actually the goddess Ginevra.

"What's that smell?"
"Oh...wet shapeshifters."
-Exchange between Zor's player and the ST, re, the group becoming caught in a downpour during their quest in the Dreaming.

"Don't you have a spare rib to give them?"
"Certainly, Frakir---all of yours."
-Conversation between Frakir and Severin, re, the motley's encounter with a (very large) murder of crows in the Realm of Battle in the Dreaming.

"Severin resists the urge to say, 'Excuse me, mister...can we have our ball back?'"
-Severin's player, re, the motley discovering a sacred stone in the possession of the Troll Kingdom in the Dreaming.

"Brother mine, the funny-looking plaid thing wants to talk to you."
-Cormac, to Kellin, in reference to Frakir (who had been transformed into a plaid Crinos Garou by Zor).

"You ought to get a hair ribbon."
-Cormac, to Zor and Frakir, on the group's fight with a shikome (and on Ceilidh garrotting it with her hair ribbon).

"He'd make a splendid Seelie."
-Severin, on the law enforcement officer the group encountered in the Wicked City.

"Severin insists that he hasn't worn lilac once in the entire game---how dare you call him a flamer?"
-Severin's player, re, Zor's player's comment that the group call the Sluagh "The Flamer" for his use of Prometheus's Fist.

"I should have a sling. No, they'd be calling me 'David' for weeks---never mind."
-Severin, on his use of Prometheus's Fist on a group of 30-foot demons.

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