A Learning Experience: Interlude One

(this scene occurs between Turns Two and Three of Chapter One)

Kate Richardson flopped down on her bed, hugging a stuffed cat to her chest, and wondered if it was possible to go crazy at fourteen.

Ever since she'd started going to Larry K. Dixon, weird things had been happening to her. Like the football player who suddenly looked like a blue boulder with horns coming out of his head, or the gym teacher with hairy legs and hooves, for God's sake! And then there had been that thing on the ceiling at the assembly.... It still made her shiver to think about it all creepy and skinny, with gnarled arms and legs and smoking holes where its eyes should have been....

She couldn't tell her parents, of course. They'd just get upset and probably send her to a psychiatrist or something she remembered all too well how they'd reacted when she told them about seeing things when she was younger. She's heard them talking after they thought she was asleep; they were worried that she was turning out just like her great-grandma, who'd talked about weird stuff like nightmares and monsters and how fairies were real.... Mom had yelled at Daddy that night, saying that if Kate was seeing stuff it was all his fault, because nothing like that ever happened on her side of the family....

She'd learned to keep what she saw a secret after that. She tried so hard not to see that the weird stuff went away for a while...until the assembly this afternoon.

She hugged the cat tighter, drawing what comfort she could from it, heedless of the wet spots that were starting to stain the worn plush....

Time: 5:30 pm, Wednesday, September 4, 2002

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