A Learning Experience: Interlude Three

(occurs at the end of Chapter One, Turn Three)

Niko walks out of the headmistresses office, looking like he's in deep thought, and walks straight for Trevor. "What do you think?" He takes a notepad from his back pocket and starts writing everything said at the meeting.

Trevor watches as Niko writes, waiting so as not to interupt Niko's thoughts. When Niko finishes, Trevor says, "I agree with you that searching the auditorium is a good idea. But like you said, it might not be safe. So I should go with you and look out for the creature while you search."

"I don't like Emmet's theory. Why things out of a nuclear war would be showing up here?!?" Trevor, who had started to get excited again, stops speaking as he gets control of his emotions again. Then in a calm voice, he continues, "To be fair to Emmet's theory, it wasn't nice of him to call Sally a 'tart'. Ok, so she's a satyr so it's probably true, but it still wasn't nice." Trevor stops speaking as a look of realization spreads across his face. "Ooops."

"I agree. About the tart thing. I also don't care for Emmet that much, but what can I say he is what he is. I have time if you want we can check out the auditorium now. As for the other theory, it is totally possible but that's assuming that someone in this school has experienced it before and is sleeping during school. In which case we should probably see if any of the history teachers are teaching anything on WWI and if any of the faculty or staff was in the war." Niko starts walking in the direction of his locker, hoping Trevor follows, "I also have sketches of the creature and the shadows so that might help." Niko stops suddenly, "Do you know if there is anything going on that would cause mundanes to be in the auditorium?"

Trevor had started to follow along behind Niko, so when Niko stops Trevor catches up with him and replies, "Well the janitor might be there, but as I wasn't fae last year I don't know if he - or she - is fae." Trevor pauses and then adds, "While I think of it, I should check and see if Emmet and his friend are be waiting by my locker." Trevor mutters to himself, "Now she's worth stopping for." Trevor, apparently remembering Niko has very good hearing, hastily adds, "Of course you're sensational too." Trevor continues, "They were going to the basement and wanted me to come along. Though if you want to check out the auditorium, I'm with you." Trevor looks at Niko and says, "I'm willing to do whatever you want."

"Go ahead with them. I can handle the auditorium, after all he's probably right." He looks slightly pissed for a moment, but it's gone as fast as it came. "I mean it's your choice. I'll meet you in the front in twenty minutes. If I'm not there, then something has happened." He waits to see if Trevor replies and then goes to the auditorium.

Trevor looks distressed. "Niko, I'm going with you. I don't care if Emmet's friend is waiting naked by my locker - I'm still going with you. And I'm going to make damn sure that 'something' doesn't happen to you."

"Thanks I appreciate it." Niko places his books in his locker and gets out his sketch pad and some pencils. "Do you want to stop by your locker first?" He puts the pencils in his pocket and gives a slight smile, as if struck by a funny thought.

Trevor can see that on the cover of Niko's sketchpad is a drawing of the stuffed spider and the words "The Sacred Guardian Given By An Innocent Soul"

"We could do that. I've got a spare great kilt in there - which is really just five yards of fabric. Might be useful as a net - or wrapped around an arm, as an improvised shield." Apparently noticing Niko's smile, "Um, Something funny?" Then Trevor's jaw drops as he notices the drawing on the cover of Niko's sketch pad. Trevor says incredulously, "You think I'm innocent?"

Niko lets out a slight chuckle. "First, that could be helpful. Nothing's funny except that we sent a pooka to talk to the walls. And in my standards compared to my father everyone's innocent" He closes his locker and look at Trevor. "So shall we away?"

"Away we go then." As they're both juniors, Trevor's locker shouldn't be far away. Trevor remarks as they reach his locker, "Of course the walls might understand Layla better than I do. I like her and think she's cute, but I still have no clue why she ran off and hid behind you yesterday." Trevor opens his locker and takes out his folded plaid fabric, wraps most of it around his left arm and slings the excess over his shoulder. "But I got to met you that way," he says as he shuts his locker, "so I'm not complaining." Trevor gives Niko a smile and they head for the auditorium.

Niko looks as if he's contemplating something and then says "She is adorable isn't she. And it is a good thing we've met. As for why she ran," Niko opens his sketchbook to the page with the picture of Layla peeking up Trevor's kilt, "That's why."

"Hey, neat! You know, I could model for you..." Trevor's voice trails off. "Poor Layla, she probably thought I'd be upset with her." He gestures at the sketch. "It's all part of the fun of wearing a kilt - someone might catch a glimpse of you." He grins at Niko. "If someone was really bold they might even try for a feel. Now that'd be a thrill!"

Time: 3:15 pm, Thursday, September 5, 2002

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