From the Journal of Aeowin ni Fiona:

Whew! What a party. Anyone that says Fiona doesn't know how to throw a do has never been to a Fiona party. Plenty of good food, good drink, sex and intrigue. C'mon. How much better can you get? Had some fun with Prince Llew's squire, although I wouldn't say no to Prince Llew /or/ his fiancee -- and Robur's let it slip that they share. Perhaps I shall see if at some point, they'd be willing to include another in their trysting for a night. I may not be as beautiful as Llew or his fiancee, but I do know how to turn on the charm when I want to...

Interesting things happened tonight: went over to talk to Lady Alexandria to try to figure out what stick's up her butt, and turns out she doesn't like Prince Llew's fiancee at all. There were these dolls that were found -- one that looked just like Lady Sharanya and one that looks like Prince Llew -- and both dolls were tied together with a red ribbon. Lady Sharanya's from the Kingdom of Willows -- down around what most people know as New Orleans. Maybe there's some Voodoun connection there -- after all, Lady Sharanya is from House Eiluned and reputed to be a sorceress. Lady Stick-Up-Her-Butt seemed to think it might be a possibility. Definitely strange, since as far as I can tell, it was around the time that Prince Llew fell in love with her. But they seem really happy, so maybe it doesn't mean anything at all.

Sir Kellin had a little too much to drink, and is rather worried about his cousin, the Lady Raven -- seems she's been accused of murder, and that she's gone into Bedlam; which would totally suck, if it'd true, but Sir Kellin's wife is a Prodigal and stated that it wasn't possible. And Sir Kellin's squire, Kieran, showed me a letter saying that a Lady Giselle's spreading rumors -- and that this lady's not actually been seen. Hm. How suspicious is /that/? Very, if you ask me. Had to break up a fight between Kieran and another squire, too. If they're going to fight over Sir Kellin's wife (at least, that's what I think it was about. Hard to tell through all the posturing. Boys.), that's fine. But they're not going to ruin my good time because of it.

Robur's got a secret, and even getting him totally plastered wasn't enough to loosen his lips -- even if it did loosen his trousers. :-) Some pooka got a bunch of trash dumped on her by some boggan and the boggan forgot a piece of paper. She asked me what it was, and showed it to me. Turns out it's a page from Robur's diary -- he was worried that Prince Llew was going to leave him out in the cold. Poor lad -- he's more smitten with Prince Llew than he was letting on. Wants to pledge his heart to him, too, but is afraid it won't be reciprocated, and that it'd screw things up between Prince Llew and Lady Sharanya. Still, if they're willing to share their bed, maybe at some point they'd be willing to share their hearts, too. I think that'd be really sweet -- not that you're going to catch me saying /that/ out loud. After all, I've an image to maintain. There was some other gossip in the entry -- Princess Niamh was attacked in her room, apparently, and it was blamed on Lady Raven -- who promptly wasn't seen for awhile. Talk about trying to dig your own grave, there. I mean, duh, if I was accused of something I didn't do, I wouldn't go hide afterwards. Looks really bad, y'know. And there's a Lady Lillith here -- and that's apparently made Prince Llew upset. Something about poisoned mushrooms in Sir Kellin's cabinet and that maybe she planted them there...something to see if I can dig up any more gossip on, maybe. I got the letter from the pooka really easily. She only asked what it /was/, after all. Not what the specifics were. I'm sure she can read like anyone else. And if she can't, too bad. She didn't ask, so I didn't volunteer. I think I'll put it in with that truly awful Laura Ashley dress my mother insisted I bring with for now. Nobody'll look in there. I wouldn't even have brought it, but she blubbed at me, and it got her to shut up. Besides, I can always burn it later... Hm. On second thought, maybe I'll stick the page with wherever I find to hide this. Safer that way, if anyone who knows I wouldn't be caught dead in that thing decided to go snoop. It does rather stick out. Giant floral patterns. Ugh.

Well, I've got my beauty mask on and my hair up. Time for me to get a little shut-eye. Tomorrow's another busy day and I've got to look my best for it...


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