From the Journal of Aeowin ni Fiona:

Had the weirdest dream last night after the party celebrating Prince Llew's engagement -- great party, by the way. Good food, good drink -- and it was amusing seeing that squire of Llew's get totally blotto and try and fall into my cleavage. Nice kid, though we /really/ need to work on his fashion sense...anyway, in this dream, that one guest from House Eiluned, Lady Sakura -- mm, and didn't she look like she was enjoying the softer side of Sears, clothing-wise? At least the other dress she got put into later was tolerable. She should really burn those shoes, though. An-yway, she and I woke up in this pavilion thingy, not the nice soft beds we went to sleep in. And there was a package there for Queen Fiona! I mean, hel-lo? Queen Fiona -- that's like, ancient history, y'know? So of course we had to open it to get an idea of what was inside -- good to see that nocker was good for something other than belching and showing everyone his buttcrack. Turns out we were special messengers, sent to warn of invasion. But our carriage wheel -- yes, carriage wheel. We were that far back in the dark ages. I mean, you should've /seen/ the outfits that we were supposed to about milennia out of fashion!! And the shoes...ugh. Give me a good pair of Gucci any day. I'm not even going to /start/ on the makeup... Getting back to what I was saying: so we're trapped in this total ubersuck thing with a broken carriage wheel. And the message apparently didn't get there in time, because while we were there, who else came out but Prince Llew and the squire of his...Robur. Yeah, the same one. But they were all beat up and exhausted and stuff -- not to mention they didn't remember the party or Llew's engagement or anything. Really bizarre, if you ask me. So it turns out that the castle -- yes, castle -- had fallen, and Prince Llew's mother (yup, you guessed it, Queen Fiona) had sent him away before it fell. Eiluned had turned against Fiona because Queen Fiona wouldn't marry the head of Eiluned. And it looked like Dougal and Gwydion were on their side. So we had to head away from the castle. After some discussion, we started for House Liam's lands -- they weren't getting along with Eiluned, and, y'know, the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Along the way, we ran into Sir Kellin, and not only was he a Scathach, he was the worshipper of some dark something-or-other. Something with a raven symbol. Didn't ring a bell with me, really. Should ask Lady Sakura about it. She looked like she might actually have had a clue about it...anyway, we continued onward, and I woke up back in the freehold. Thank goodness it was only a dream. I mean, no Gucci? I'd just /die/. So now it's back to trying to find out what's going on in Llew's court, and see if there's anything that'd make for good gossip. 'Course, it never hurts to keep your fingers in, either...and a good ruler should be aware of what's going on in his or her court at all times.


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