From the Journal of Aeowin ni Fiona:

Had another dream the other night -- I'm really beginning to think that there's got to be a reason why we're all having the same dream. 'Cause we are, which is just way creepy. I do know that if a giant lion just kind of strolls in around Prince Llew and doesn't try to chew his face off, it's probably just a manifestation of the symbol of House Fiona. Don't ask me how I know -- I'm still embarrassed by the whole thing. In the dream, we were running from the people that were hunting Prince Llew, and an outlaw hermit named Darian or Darwin or something hid us for the night. He did a fortune-telling, using bones and a skull for a bowl. I think he had been Scathach at one time, actually. But at any rate, there were a couple of prophecy-things. "Lord of Light will join with the daughter of darkness and make the world whole." Pretty sure the Lord of Light's the dream-Llew, but who's the daughter of darkness? I dunno. The other one was, "One among you will find what he seeks, but will lose something dear to him." That one's a total stumper, if you ask me. Oh -- and this Darian guy told the dream-Kellin while the dream-Kellin was sleeping that they would have need of him. Whatever /that/ means. It's actually kind of neat doing this -- in a weird sort of way. 'Cause, if this stuff actually happened at some point and we're doing something like remembering it... 'Course, you'll never get me to admit that to the others.

What else? Well, found out some interesting stuff back in the waking world -- there's been attacks on knights, and a bunch of people from school up and vanished. And Lady Giselle showed up at court -- says that mortal dreamers are being attacked, and pretty much accusing Lady Raven of doing it. And Calandra came back to plead for Lady Raven. So naturally, Lady Stick-Up-Her-Butt Alexandria had to use Dictum to get rid of her. And I /know/ what that looks like. Trust me. Also got some background stuff on the people accused of murdering Lady Raven's husband -- Lord Charlemagne and Lord Matthew; Charlemagne conjured a demon on Samhain /and/ trashed Llew's outfit -- the nerve! Llew glowed and Sir Kellin turned into an angel. Hm. Wonder if Llew's the Lord of Light in this time, too? There were a few other things -- apparently, Lord Waylon and Lady Allicia were insinuating things and Sir Kellin got upset and stormed out of the council meeting. And I heard this tidbit about Sir Cormac being able to turn into any animal -- he rescued Prince Llew from the Kingdom of Willows as a flying dragon. So it's more than just an illusion, obviously. Something to keep in mind, if you ask me.

But nothing could possibly be as worse as what happened to /me/. I went to go put on my favorite pair of Gucci shoes before school, only to find one of them /missing/. I searched everywhere, but it was gone. I am /so/ mad, I could spit. Those shoes cost me 200 dollars! Right after school on Friday, I'm going to go shopping and see if I can replace them. I don't know if I can find any around here, though. I may have to write Daddy and see if he'll let me visit for a week or two.


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