Bummer - Llew broke up with his girlfriend and is depressed. I feel really bad. I even asked a number of people if they had any ideas of how to cheer Llew up - I didn't get any useful advice though. It was so bad he didn't even want to crash Joe's party tonight, so I stayed with him and ended up giving him a massage. At first he was really tense, but I got out my massage oils and worked on him until I managed to get him to relax enough that he fell asleep. He looked so beautiful, something like the statue of a reclining Greek god.

Llew had to go to the library after school to work on his project with his team mates. I went home with Sallie-Ann, as her parents had to go away unexpectedly and wouldn't be home until tomorrow. I guess she worries that her parents will catch us, cause after the pizza came, we spent the rest of the evening practicing procreation. Looking at Sallie-Ann's blond hair, I kept thinking of how beautiful Llew looked last night.

I had a "Shadow" today. There were a batch of prospective students for next year, and I got to take one around. His name was Eric something. He went to all my classes with me, we went to lunch together etc. We talked during lunch and I found out he plays the guitar. Also, it turns out that he not only knows Llew, but Llew had rescued him from the streets of California. I like Eric, and I hope he ends up at our school. I got his phone number and I think I'm going to ask him to come over and bring his guitar.

Llew managed to get himself dates with three different girls, so he's busy for the next few nights. Sallie-Ann is coming over tonight and tomorrow, so we can "do homework" together. Then the next night Eric is coming over.


Wow. The last few nights were a lot of fun, and Sallie-Ann and I actually go our homework done too! Eric and I jammed last night, me on keyboards and him on guitar. It was really something. Eric was disappointed that Llew wasn't around though.

At this point, I've been going out with Sallie-Ann longer than I've ever gone out with anyone. She's told me that she loves me, and I told he I love her too. I think it's true, too - I'd rather be with her than any other girl I've ever gone out with...

What a mess. Poor Llew. Apparently all three girls decided they wanted to go steady with him. To make a long story short, All three are mad at him, and so are their friends. Apparently they are spreading vicious rumors about Llew too, ‘cause Sallie-Ann told me about some of them. I defended him, but I'm not sure she believed me...


I'm so excited! Llew is going to get a freehold of his own! It's a mansion near a village that has a subway stop. Niamh is going to live at the mansion too and be one of Llew's advisors. As the mansion is a bit rundown, Llew's parents are having it remodeled before they formally present it to Llew, and I'm getting a little suite that will have private access to Llew's suite. Cool, eh? Have to go now though - I'm treating Llew to dinner to celebrate the occasion!

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