Poor Llew. Llew's first official day and someone finds a dead body. There goes the party! And to make matters worse, we don't know who died—other than it was a male Sidhe. Llew was really tense afterwards. It took a while to get his muscles to relax, even with the strawberry massage oil that warms up with use.

Llew's Privy Council met for the first time. They talked about the coroner's report. It seems the gentleman was poisoned. Maybe Llew should get a food taster. I'd do it. Maybe we could share a plate—but I'll have to ask him if that would be considered tacky.

All have to admit I was probably at least as interested in the people as the proceedings. So many captivating Sidhe. There was the mute Gwydion, Baron Matthew Sheridan (House Gwydion) and his lovely young Squire Aleta. Sir Kellin of House Scathach sat on Llew's left. On Llew's right was her Highness, the enchanting Princess Niamh, with Lady Alexandria beside her. I believe Sir Cormac of House Scathach sat next to Sir Kellin. Also Lord Waylon of House Dougal and Lord Nataniel ap Eiluned attended. As Llew's squire, I also had the privilege to attend. Lady Freya, a most impressive Troll, guarded the door.

The Gwydion squire is lovely, and the butterfly wings just make her seem more ethereal. Definitely on the young side, but beautiful. I'm wondering if she's not quite baked yet, or if she's ready to take out of the oven?

I don't have any firm opinions about the two Gwydion gentlemen or the Dougal, but Lady Alexandria reminds me of her Aunt at the Duke's court. I don't have any opinion of Lord Nataniel yet.

Sir Kellin seems rather cold—he doesn't seem to be the kind of person you'd want to cross. Sir Kellin is in charge of security for Llew's freehold, so I guess that's good.

Llew has told me a bit about Sir Cormac, and he sounds really neat. Being able to change into an animal could present some interesting possibilities. He dresses in leathers and some of his outfits remind me of Daniel Boone. He makes lots of neat things out of leather, and from what Llew's told me, he's a powerful magician.

Also on the council is Llew's sister, Niamh. She's the only one beside Llew who's in on our secret. I think she automatically attributes any advances by me as my true nature showing through. Niamh may be right, but that doesn't mean we couldn't have some fun together—if she'd agree to it.

And then there is Llew. He's my best friend. We like doing things together and usually have a lot of fun. We've done things together that I'd have never even thought of doing, or would have been too afraid to try. We've even made love to each other—and it wasn't just sex either, for I care about him and I thinks he cares about me too.

I know it sounds corny, but I feel about Llew like I've never felt about anyone. I mean, I've fallen for girls before—cared about them, lusted after them—but it never lasted as long nor did I feel as strongly. I've even occasionally lusted after a few guys, but I was always afraid of what other people would say and afraid I was turning into a queer. But now, with Llew, I'm not afraid. We've even had our friend Eric participate too. Personally I think Eric asked Llew to find out if I'd be interested in another guy. I wouldn't have done it the first time if Llew hadn't asked. I am happy he did. Besides finding out that same sex relations can be enjoyable, it made me realize that I'd do practically anything for Llew.

I think I love Llew—in all senses of the word. I'm not sure what he feels about me though—I know he likes me but I don't know how much or how he'd react do my declaration of love—or how others would. The last think I want to do is hurt him. Besides, with a dead body he has enough to worry about.

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