Life is like a roller-coaster, with highs and lows. Lows: Countess Crystal died. Llew was devastated. She was one of the Ladies courting Llew, and was of House Fiona. As I'd done scarcely more than meet her, I felt more sorry for Llew than for her. I'm not about to tell Llew that though, as it might upset him more.

That damn bird talked to me again! It knows, ‘cause it's told me so. I really hope it doesn't tell anyone, but I don't know how I could stop it. I need to talk to Llew—after he calms down.

Somewhere between the high and low was the gossip I heard. It could of been a real low, but it seems to have turned out OK. The formerly silent Gwydion Baron "Charlie" got himself shot and ended up in the hospital. Llew's physician showed up and healed him. It seems to be true, for I saw Lady Althea talking to Llew about something before I heard the rumor.

There was a high, though—I swore an oath of my love under a moonlight sky, after calling the Lord and Lady as my witnesses. I have finally given voice to what I've been holding in my heart, and I feel good about it.

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