Descriptions of Prominent NPCs in A Learning Experience


Dr. Jean Summers/Lady Janelle Summerstree ni Eiluned:

The headmistress of Larry K. Dixon School, Dr. Summers is a calm, collected woman of early middle age with perfectly-coiffed red hair, green eyes, and a porcelain complexion. She dresses in tailored business suits, accented with a few pieces of tasteful jewelry.

In sidhe mien, Lady Janelle Summerstree, though past the first blush of beauty, is an arresting kithain nonetheless, with long, wavy hair the red-gold of a perfect sunset, emerald-green eyes, and the aura of majesty that is the birthright of her kith. She tends toward cotehardies in jewel-toned silks, sometimes embellished with the arms of House Eiluned.

Mr. Peter Wethersfield/Lord Preston Weatheringstone ap Dougal:

The deputy headmaster of Larry K. Dixon is a straight-backed man of middle age with artfully graying blond hair and a neatly-trimmed goatee. His eyes are a shade between blue and gray, and his face often wears a serious expression. His taste in clothing runs toward three-piece suits of subdued colors and conservative cut.

In sidhe mien, his bearing becomes even more regal, and he displays the angular features and pointed ears common to his kith. He prefers to wear clothing reminiscent of Tudor garb in his house colors; astute observers will notice the ivory hearing enhancer fitted into his right ear.

Mr. Darian Ravenscroft/Sir Dariun ap Scathach

Mr. Ravenscroft is the chairman of Larry K. Dixon's English department, teaching English and Honors English to the sophomores and juniors, and Shakespeare Seminar and Advanced Placement English to the seniors. A dark-haired, bespectacled man in his early thirties with a serious demeanor and an undefinable air of command about him, he tolerates no nonsense in his class. A level gaze from his clear gray eyes, and a quiet, "Is there a problem?" delivered in his crisp British accent, is usually sufficient to quell even the most determined wrongdoing.

In sidhe mien, Sir Dariun's hair becomes a rich raven-black that glimmers with blue highlights in the right light, and his eyes (minus the glasses in fae form) take on a silvery hue. He generally wears a suit of sidhe plate armor so black it seems to absorb rather than reflect any light, over top of which is a gray surcoat bearing the black unicorn crest of his House. A sword rides easily on his left hip, encased in a plain black leather scabbard; the sword's hilt is an ivory color, and it is peace-bound into the scabbard in school.

Miss Emily Kapatelis/Amalia

Miss Kapatelis ("Miss K." to her students) teaches Physical Education to the school's female students, and also coaches the girls' soccer, volleyball, and softball teams, as well as the cheerleading squad. A vivacious woman of twenty-four with curling auburn hair (often drawn back into a ponytail) and ivy-green eyes, she is generally seen in a Larry K. Dixon School T-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes. A silver whistle often hangs around her neck.

In satyr mien, small horns sprout from Amalia's hairline, and her hair becomes thicker and more luxuriant. Her goat's legs are covered with a silky pelt of deep russet waves, and her delicate cloven hooves gleam a glossy black. She prefers to wear a short tunic of green linen, its hem ornamented with a Greek key design in black, and clasped on the shoulders with bronze brooches stamped with the face of the god Pan. Her only other adornment consists of an intricately-carved bronze cuff that encircles one upper arm.

Mr. Brian Griffith/Byron "The Big"

Mr. Griffith teaches Physical Education to the school's male students, and also coaches the boys' soccer, wrestling, and baseball teams. A robust man in his late fifties, he has broad shoulders, muscular arms and an ample beard. Combined with his balding head, he looks rather reminiscent of Father Christmas -- if Father Christmas were muscular rather than fat, had his white hair and beard dyed light gray, and had hairy arms and legs. Most of what he's seen wearing bears the Larry K. Dixon School logo, including t-shirts, shorts and sweatpants.

In satyr mien, Byron is no less robust and even more hairy. He wears a tank top of the type favored by amateur wrestlers that reaches to his thighs. It has a large "69" embroidered on the front and the word "Wrestling" embroidered in cursive underneath. Occasionally the back of his shirt gets caught on top of his tail, removing any doubt of the shirt being his sole garment.

Miss Takako Ohara/Umeko

Miss Ohara teaches ninth-grade English and Creative Writing, and also moderates the school newspaper, The Gryphon. A demure woman of Japanese descent in her thirties, her intelligent eyes are a deep chocolate brown, and she wears her glossy blue-black hair in a bun, with a few feminine tendrils framing her face. She generally wears blouses and wrap-around skirts in brilliant jewel tones.

In eshu mien, Umeko's hairstyle resembles a Japanese geisha's elaborate coiffure. Her complexion takes on a soft golden tint, and her eyes become dark, mysterious pools. Her voile consists of a kimono of deep green silk with long, trailing sleeves, ornamented with the design of an Asian dragon around the hem.

Miss Elspeth Danvers/Elzbieta

A middle-aged spinster, Miss Danvers is the school librarian. She's a rather small woman -- only about five feet two inches tall -- and slender, with dark hair worn pulled back from her face. Her dark brown eyes are wide-set in a face with delicate features. She generally wears lacy white blouses fastened at the throat with a cameo pin, and skirts in black or a soft gray.

In sluagh mien, Elzbieta is pale and gaunt, her dark eyes sunken in a face the color of pale clay. Her fingers move in a manner reminiscent of a spider's legs, and a cloud of raven-black hair, shot through with strands of silver, falls to her hips. Her usual outfit is a Victorian gown in dark velvet; a brooch cast in the shape of a jeweled spider glimmers at her throat.


Valerie McSkeath/Valeria ni Scathach

An eleventh-grader at Larry K. Dixon, Valerie is a raven-haired, blue-eyed teenager with a tomboy's fashion sense (she prefers T-shirts, jeans and sneakers to the more fashionable ensembles of some of her peers), a voracious appetite for fantasy fiction, and an aptitude for fencing that has earned Larry K. Dixon School's fencing team almost a score of trophies.

In sidhe mien, Valeria's hair becomes a mane of black silk with deep blue highlights, and her eyes take on an icy blue cast. She generally favors full-sleeved white shirts, cinched at the waist by a belt of linked silver discs, over black tights and soft leather boots. A pendant cast in the shape of a unicorn's head hangs around her neck on a delicate silver chain.

Julian Montgomery/Lord Julien Marron ap Eiluned

A twelfth-grader, straight-A student, and captain of the fencing team at Larry K. Dixon, Julian is handsome by anyone's standards, with luxuriant raven hair, mysterious dark eyes, and elegant features. His usual attire consists of a white oxford shirt and dark dress pants and shoes. He drives a dark blue Mercedes that is the envy of many of his classmates.

In sidhe mien, Julien's hair is a mantle of black silk reaching to the middle of his back, and his eyes are magnetic dark pools that glimmer with intelligence. His usual voile consists of a calf-length white silk tunic with gold trim and full sleeves, slit up the sides for ease of movement and cinched at the waist with an elaborately woven belt, over dark-colored trousers and intricately tooled leather boots.

Gordon Mueller/Sir Gunthar Mountaincrusher

A twelfth-grader at Larry K. Dixon, Gordon is a star athlete on both the football and wrestling teams. He is taller and more muscular than most of his peers, with an abundant crop of blond hair, hazel eyes, and an air of earthy good humour. He generally wears jeans and tight T-shirts to emphasize his physique, often adding a Larry K. Dixon Gryphons varsity jacket on top of this ensemble.

In troll mien, Gunthar stands nearly eight feet tall, with a powerful, well-muscled build. His skin is an azure blue; a pair of small, ridged horns juts up from his brow, contrasting with the thick crop of blond hair that crowns his head. He generally favors a tight shirt and leather vest, over leather trousers and boots, and wears studded leather bracers on each wrist.

Katherine "Kate" Richardson

A ninth-grader at Larry K. Dixon, Kate is quiet, but pretty, with russet hair and clear green eyes, delicate features, and a smile that is all the more lovely for the rarity with which it appears. She favors casual clothes, often defaulting to jeans and T-shirts.

Since first coming to Larry K. Dixon, Kate has been seeing...odd things. She isn't sure quite what to make of this, and her shyness keeps her from telling anyone about them. Only time will tell if this is the proper course to take...

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