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Descriptions of the Player Characters in A Learning Experience

Mercedes Ashford/Ashes

Wilder redcap; played by Eslin

Mortal: Mercedes Ashford doesn't live up to her name. She's skinny, blonde, female, and her folks have Money: she *should* be dressed up, made up, perfect and in style. Instead ... That blonde hair looks suspiciously like somebody hacked at it with a knife, and there are usually various experiments at dyeing bits of it different colors in progress. Her default posture is a slouch, making her look shorter than she is, with her arms folded defensively over her chest. (Unless she's mad, in which case, odds are she's already in your face.) The look in her brown eyes is generally unpleasant -- nothing to do with the three tiny silver rings set through her left eyebrow, honest - and her usual expression is some form of either frown or scowl.

Typically, she's dressed in jeans torn-up to the point at which they're just barely within the limits of the school dress code -- or past, in which case she grudgingly adds tight black shorts underneath -- and either a T-shirt (a handpainted one reading "i hate it here" is a favorite) or a severely mutilated blouse or sweater that *used* to be fashionable before it got mauled. Somebody's got issues. She does not, however, have a problem with jewelry. Nothing around her neck, yeah, but piercings line both ears and she *likes* rings. Preferably on seven or eight fingers. Her parents keep confiscating the heavy ones, fortunately.

Fae: Short and stocky, with gray-white skin, bloodshot eyes, and a skull-like *absence* where a nose should be: there's no question but that Ashes is a redcap. Her hair is white-blonde, though, not the stereotypical red, and she's foregone the headgear into the bargain. Just one pale lock dyed red, and that a dull, old crimson. By her kith's standards, she's outright acceptable. For values of "acceptable" that include having an eyebrow nailed into place by a corkscrew worked several turns into her skull and then hacked off to pass for jewelry, that is, or the elaborate circle-and-square pattern brand-scarred into her right forearm. Her voile is torn and stained, leather laced through with metal, and a tattered black trenchcoat worn over that ... but the stains don't look like they were blood anytime recently, and she doesn't often show the ugly grinding teeth that mark her kith. There's no going to any effort to impress *anybody*, here. Including her own people.

(Appearance: 2)

Bess Drummond/Baroness Erzabet Lilas Ariel Callandria Maggan Dumond

Wilder sidhe, House Fiona; played by Rois

Mortal: A 16 year-old girl, pale-skinned, with white-blonde hair and shimmering lavender eyes. Tends towards trendy, expensive, and revealing clothing. Looks as if she's never had an original thought in her life.

Fae: Tall and regal, with flowing moonlight-silver hair and metallic lavender eyes. Garbed in clothing that looks like the Victorian ideal of Medieval glamour. She appears intelligent, and pleasant to be around.

(Appearance [mortal]: 4; [fae]: 6)

Lissa Marie Grim/Layla Grimson

Wilder pooka; played by LaylaGrimson

Mortal: Lissa is 5'3" tall in her mortal seeming. Her hair is dark brown, falling stick straight to her lower back and constantly escaping the ponytail she keeps it in. She has a slight build and doesn't look like she could weigh any significant amount. She has exceptionally fair skin and bright violet eyes that always look deep in thought no matter what she's doing. She has 6 piercings in one ear and only one in the other; she has a ring of silver hoops in one and a silver fairy dangling from the other. Her clothes are loose and dark. Black flowing skirts and dark tanks, often with her black silk top hat (crooked of course) over all. Lissa is rarely seen without her precious camera hanging about her neck.

Fae: In her fae seeming Layla is 5'6" with jet black hair falling loose to her calves. She has long floppy black rabbit ears (that still have all her piercings) and a cotton tail (hidden under skirts of course) and purple eyes that seem to glitter with undiscovered secrets. She dresses in long simple gowns that flow to the floor in black or various shades of red and purple. She always wears a floor length soft gray coat that has obviously seen better days but has been loved nonetheless. The inside of her jacket is lined with pockets and there is occasionally a beautiful black and red spider seen emerging to crawl from one pocket to another.

(Appearance: 4)

Trevor Hamilton/Laird Trevor Leon

Wilder sidhe, House Fiona; played by LostSatyr

Mortal: Feet clad in black sneakers, followed by white socks and bare legs, and a plaid /kilt/ worn with a clean white dress shirt. It being a "great kilt", narrow wedges of plaid emerge from under the belt of the kilt in front and back, meeting at the left shoulder where the two swaths are secured by a brooch.

Trevor Hamilton's maroon backpack, stylishly carried in one hand, complements the reds predominant in the plaid of his kilt, as well as the reddish hues of his dark hair. The outfit seems to suit Trevor well, though with his captivating appearance he'd probably look good wearing some muddy rags. While slim, he has enough muscle to be athletic rather than delicate. Trevor's eyes are a bright azure blue.

Fae: To the fae, his outfit is similar to what mortals see, though of finer materials. The most notable differences are that his brooch is now obviously a lion, and that he has an dagger-sized sheath strapped to one ankle, which is empty when he's at school.

(Appearance [mortal]: 5; [fae]: 7)

Bela Katwaroo/Shashi

Wilder eshu; played by Bela Katwaroo

Mortal: Thick coarse jet-black hair cut in a bob frames a small delicate face. The ends of the hair angle towards her chin. Laughing nearly black eyes and the white teeth of a friendly smile stand out against her deep mahogany skin. Bela is petite with delicate bones. Typically she wears jeans and button downs, with personal embellishments, such as embroidered patches or painted flowers.

Fae: The first change is the gracefully pointed ears, then the stardust in the eyes. Her Voile consists of a tight embroidered blouse and traditional sari with beads and tiny mirrors worked into the hems. She favors dark rich jewel tone colors. From each ear hangs a silver crescent turned like an umbrella with 3 perfectly tear shaped moonstones. A matching pendant hangs at her collarbone. A anklet of silver bells adorns her left ankle, while silver bracelets grace each wrist.

(Appearance: 3)

Ellie Kincaid/Elektra

Wilder satyr, affiliated with House Eiluned; played by Barnowl

Mortal: Ellie Kincaid is a young woman of average (if slightly plump) build. She has a soft, heart-shaped face and wavy shoulder-length light brown hair; her skin is pale with a tendency to freckle, and her eyes are light hazel. Ellie certainly isn't 'fat,' but no one would call her 'thin,' either; she has a figure rounded with what would be called 'baby fat' on a younger girl, but carried well, such that she appears merely sturdy and energetic. She has a ready smile with dimples, and her brow tends to furrow when she's in deep thought. Ellie wears clothes that won't get in her way: jeans or knee-length skirts, and colorful tunic-style shirts.

Fae: Viewed through the lens of faerie sight, Elektra's figure is endowed with the native sensuality of her kith; her plumpness becomes Rubenesque voluptuousness, but without the langour of Ruben's portrait-women: her energetic bearing becomes downright vivacious. In this mien, her hair falls to the middle of her back and is thicker and more lustrous; it's darker, too, to match her olive skin and brown eyes in this form, which give her a Mediterranean appearance. She has a pair of fawn-colored horns, each about three inches long and curving gracefully back. Her legs are covered in a silky pelt of the same chocolate-brown. She wears a Greek-style chiton, pinned at one shoulder with an enameled pin depicting Athena's owl in Eiluned black and silver. The chiton sweeps in soft folds of rich blue fabric over her chest and down to mid-thigh, with the folds splitting to accommodate her short tail.

(Appearance: 3)

Emerson James McDonald/Emmet MacDougal

Wilder nocker; played by DrMorganes

Mortal: Emmet favors practicality over fashion and wears whatever is most appropriate for the task at hand, defaulting to jeans, work boots, and a black t-shirt. His hair is a wild tangle of dark curls, always seeming a bit too long. Emmet is never without his laptop, which he carries in an exquisitely tooled leather case.

Fae: To faerie sight, Emmet's typical garb is a cream-coloured blousy renaissance-type shirt beneath an intricately tooled vest of tan leather festooned with pockets, plain woolen trousers, and work boots. His dark curls tighten to spring-like coils and tumble across his forehead and ears with a will of their own.

Like all nockers, his clothing is fastidiously clean and neat. His dark eyes burn with the passionate intensity of one absorbed in their work, and other changelings often remark they feel like they're being evaluated both inside and out. His skin has a slightly slick, vaguely metallic sheen, and seems oddly absent of true angles (as though he's been computer generated).

(Appearance: 2)

Nickoli Rayne/Niko

Wilder sluagh; played by Unnamed_Traveller

Mortal: Nickoli Rayne is about 5'5" in his mortal seeming. He has dark auburn hair that falls to his shoulders and bright emerald eyes. He weighs about 125 lbs. Dresses in jeans and black T-shirt usually.

Fae: Niko's hair is black with highlights of blue when the sun hits it just right that falls past his shoulder blades and emerald eyes. His style of dress goes from casual to more gothic. He wears black leather pants and a black poet shirt that seems too big on his tiny frame.

(Appearance: 3)

Shandra Stevenson/Countess Elishandra ni Fiona

Wilder sidhe, House Fiona; played by Elishandra

Mortal: Shandra is tall and slender with blond-streaked fiery hair that cascades in soft waves to her waist. Gold-flecked green eyes accentuate tanned skin and a flawless complexion. Always one for a smile, at least outwardly, Shandra's demeanor tends towards bright and encouraging compassion. It is this compassion that shines in her eyes most often. Shandra favors comfortable, though sometimes tight-fitting clothes (i.e. hip-huggers, halter tops, tight shirts, etc.). She knows what assets she was gifted with, and she does enough to show them off without being overbearing.

Fae: Most often seen in elegant displays, especially in court, Shandra is a pinnacle of proper sidhe beauty. Rich crimson and silver gowns adorn her lithe form, her hair spiraled and twisted into plaits and coils of elegance. When the need arises however, you would just as likely see her in breeches and a tunic, though she'd never lack for the fine quality and gilded ornamentation. She is a fighter, willing to go the extra mile if it would benefit someone, whether in matters of court or in more physical confrontation. Though she holds to her title as a countess within Concordia's boundaries, rarely will she throw the title around unless absolutely necessary, or unless protocol deems it so in court.

(Appearance [mortal]: 3; [fae]: 5)

Riana Wingate/Baroness Rhiannon Perri Kynan ni Eiluned

Wilder sidhe, House Eiluned; played by Zoi

Mortal: Riana is about 5’7” and slender, with copper-red hair down to her waist, bright green eyes, freckles, and high cheekbones. She braids the sides of her hair around to the back of her head, where they’re tied with a dark-green ribbon and then the rest of her hair is left loose. Her clothes might not be the latest fashion, but they’re always stylish and bring out her best features. She favors simple but stylish over elaborate, and normally wears neat casual pants (it’s a very rare occasion to see her in jeans) or straight-cut skirts, paired with babydoll T-shirts or neat shirts. The main colors in her wardrobe are dark-green, blue, black, and white. She wears a little jewelry, but not much – silver heart-shaped earrings and a silver heart-shaped locket are about it.

Fae: Rhiannon is a couple of inches taller to fae sight, and her freckles are no longer there. Her ears are pointed and delicate, as are the rest of her features. In fact, she looks almost like she could be snapped in two if one wasn’t careful. Her hair is a bright copper-red that almost seems to glow, and the two braids often have strings of white flowers or silver cords braided through them. The green ribbon that ties the braids in her mortal form is replaced by a silver one in fae form. As in mortal form, Rhiannon favors simple and stylish, and usually wears a long dress with a tight bodice, flowing skirt, long medieval-style sleeves that reach down to her knees, and a neckline that shows just a hint of cleavage and leaves her locket bare against her skin. Around the waist is a corded black-and-silver belt, the end of which is tasseled and hangs down to her knee on her left side. The dress is always either dark-green, blue or black with silver stitching and lining. On occasion Rhiannon will wear black dress trousers with a green or white poets shirt, but only when wearing a dress would be completely inappropriate.

(Appearance [mortal]: 3; [fae]: 5)

All of the above characters were created by their respective players, and have their descriptions posted here with permission. Please do not post these descriptions anywhere else without the permission of the players.
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