I went shopping with Countess Aeowin. She sure got a lot of stuff! She did get me an outfit though. We stopped by at Aleta's Occult and I introduced her to Derrick. He seemed rather tongue-tied.

Llew got tickets for everyone who was interested to see his father's new production of A Midsummer's Night Dream. A lot of us went to the Green Man Pub afterwards. I even saw Sir Kellin and his squires there. It was fun.

Afterward, Lady Sakura was attacked on the way home, but it didn't look like she was hurt. She even showed us the dagger and arrow from the attack.

Llew had a fete for Sir Athos and Lady Arianrhod, who got engaged. I had purchased flowers and handed them out to all the ladies I could find. I got to meet all the ladies and make Llew look good. And some good news - I found Kieran and Ceilidh having sex in the bushes. I think they were suppose to be keeping an eye on things at the fete, ‘cause when they noticed me they seemed upset. I tried to reassure them - I mean they've been eyeing each other for months, they're both nice people (and good-looking too) and I would feel awful if I were to accidentally discourage them from enjoying themselves.

It turned out the arrow and dagger that were used to attack Lady Sakura were poisoned. I got involved in trying to find the ingredients for the antidote.

We ended up at Aleta's Occult and I got to meet Aleta herself. We still didn't have everything yet, so she took us to see her husband, Dr. Julian Mordrid, at his office in the university. We found out that one of them comes from the islands near Britain and Wales - where Kieran's from.

So Ibrahim and I talked to Kieran - and I found out that Lillith was able to come and go as she pleased. Oh boy, not good. I ended up talking to Sir Kellin later and he explained Lillith can teleport. He eventually agreed to inform Llew. He'd been putting off telling Llew. I can understand why, but Llew really needed to know - regardless of how upset he'd be when he found out.

Well, Llew was upset and I felt sorry for him. I remembered Llew thinks Derrick is adorable, so I invited Derrick over to fence and stay overnight. When Derrick came over the three of us fenced together and then afterward we soaked in the hot tub.

We sat there and talked for a while, and I eventually mentioned to Derrick that I thought Countess Aeowin liked him. He blushed a bit and I started wondering - so I asked him if he'd ever french kissed someone. Poor Derrick was embarrassed ‘cause he hadn't ever french kissed anyone. As I wanted to help Derrick - and cheer Llew up - I suggested Llew teach Derrick about french kissing. Derrick, who is really shy, was rather hesitant about trying, especially with a guy. To be fair, I have to admit I never thought of trying anything with a guy before I met Llew.

I tried to reassure Derrick by explaining Llew had been my first. Then Llew and I demonstrated that french kissing was okay - and enjoyable.

It turned out that Derrick didn't think he was attractive. Llew not only reassured him, but was able to put Derrick's fears to rest. The three of us had a very enjoyable evening together, and we did a lot more than just french kiss. I hope Derrick's first time with a girl turns out as well. Maybe I should talk to Countess Aeowin...

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