I'm almost afraid to write this even thought I know it's already to late to worry about it. I think I'll start with the latest events which then led to the discovery of my (well, actually our) secret that we'd managed to keep since the first night I stayed with Llew.

I think what started the chain of events is that Niamh went missing. I had gone up to her rooms and found Sir Ulrich there, but no Niamh.

In her sitting room we found a dress she'd been wearing - and a Goodwill bag. I thought this was really odd - Niamh is not as into fashion as Llew, but would have never expected her to wear something from Goodwill. The Goodwill bag smelled like Hermione, the cute young sluagh. Llew came up looking for Niamh too. Together we pieced together that Hermione had apparently brought clothes for Niamh to wear and the two had gone out together.

Sir Ulrich and I set off to Shaaza's building. When we got there, we found out that Rena had not made it back and all her friends were going out to look for her. We offered to help, of course.

We found the place where Rena was going to be and I checked out back by the dumpster while Sir Ulrich talked to Derrick's brother and sister. I found a perfectly good pizza, but no Rena.

Wile we were out looking I spotted someone who I thought was Raven, but she ran away when I called to her. I first thought she didn't hear me, so I ran after her. She just kept going and managed to loose me.

Diana found Derrick's trail (Diana can turn into a wolf, so it's handy when you're trying to find someone.)


Llew arrived and was very happy to see his sister safe, but it was heartbreaking to see his face fall when Niamh told him Derrick was missing.


We set off after Derrick. Niamh led the way - she had been tracking a trail of banality when she'd been captured. Llew came, as did Sir Ulrich, Sir Crowe, Diana & Christopher, Lady Miria and Raven & Calandra.

All of us except Diana, took the train to St. John's College in Annapolis. They have a rather boring campus, with a lot of straight paths and other things to dull to mention. I felt rather blah.

Things were bad enough that when we found the building where we thought Derrick was hidden, I talked Llew into sitting on a bench outside the building - he really didn't seem too with it, and I didn't think it would have been good for him to come in the icky building.

It tuned out they had kidnaped Rei too, as we found her first. Lady Miria tore a hole through the wall/door and found Rei in a secret chamber in the basement. After that, we found Derrick.

However, because the area was so banal, my disguise cantrip died. It was bad. I was wearing shorts, so I tried hiding my legs with my shirt. The stupid shoes wouldn't stay on my feet right so when I remembered about the horns I stuck the shoes on them. It was just awful. I eventually managed to get hold of a sheet that I wrapped around my head. Looking back on it, I don't think I was that effective at hiding it - but being desperate, I tried anything that might work. The last straw was when the shirt ripped when I tried to go up the stairs. It's hard to pass for a sidhe when you have furry legs. When Calandra told me how wonderful it was that I was a satyr, I knew it was all over. The only way it could have been worse is if Vivian had found out.

It's a relief really. As much as I love sidhe, I like being myself even better. It was so hard trying to be restrained and act like a sidhe. And I couldn't really sing all out either. It's very freeing. And I still get to be Llew's squire! Ok, so I do need to act dignified, but if I screw up big time, at least it won't blow my stupid disguise.

In a way, I'll miss wearing the pants - I mean tight fitting pants can be a real turn on - I know I like seeing other people in them. But, it feels so much better without them. Besides, I can't wear them any more ‘cause my legs bend the wrong way.

The only bad thing about it is we're not sure how Llew's mother is going to react to our failed charade...

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