Derrick almost got killed by a vampire! Derrick even had an appointment with him, ‘cause Mr. Reinhardt ran an apothecary. Sir Crowe discovered that Shari's maid, Jessamine, was getting the sleeping draughts from this apothecary. When were investigating the place, I had noticed Derrick's appointment.

Oh, I was right about the red-haired lady, Ms. Destine - she does have wings! Sir Ulrich and I had investigated her earlier ‘cause she had gone to the apothecary. We thought that David Corbin, who she works for, might be related to Richard Corben, the artist. (No such luck. But David Corbin apparently has Tracy Perez as a live-in girlfriend.) Anyway, Sir Ulrich and I visited her, and she got upset when I mentioned to her (out of Sir Ulrich's earshot) that she had nice wings. I could tell she had wings - she moves like Lord Raphael - and I thought maybe I could get on her good side. Oops.

It looks like Derrick and Rei are an item. Derrick's magic teacher, Dr. Julian Mordrid, was upset with him for drawing a Rei & Derrick heart in his notebook instead of paying attention and learning about teleportation. I've done stuff like that. Oh, and Rei told us about the bruises on Derrick's inner thighs when we asked her about the bruises on Derrick's wrists. I was happy - obviously not about the bruises - but because if Rei saw bruises there, they must be copulating (or at least having oral sex). We'd asked Rei about the bruises ‘cause Derrick couldn't remember how he'd gotten them. (It turned out that this vampire who'd been drinking from Derrick was a klutz).

Derrick did tell us he was making deliveries for Aleta's to the apothecary, so we (Sir Ulrich, Crowe, Lord Mogu, Ayumi, Rei & myself) staked out the apothecary. When Derrick didn't come out by the time the place closed, we were sure there was something wrong. I tried calling Derrick's house, but no one answered, so I just left a message. I did get ahold of Sir Kellin, who got a search warrant. He actually made it before we could break in. David Corbin, Ms. Destine, and Derrick's grandfather showed up too. We made our way upstairs and were confronted by Mr. Reinhardt. I managed to get by him and into the next room.

It was horrible! I thought Derrick was dead, so I hysterically attacked Nathan, Mr. Reinhardt's assistant. I think I ran out of the room and attacked Mr. Reinhardt. Then someone realized Derrick wasn't dead so I called 911. An ambulance - with Derrick's brother Christopher as staff - showed up. They took him to the hospital. Thankfully, he's a lot better now and they've let him out of the hospital.

The band's new album is finished. As agreed upon, Ysolde Nyx got the first one (my proof copy in fact). I got Lita to go with me, officially as my bodyguard. I didn't really think I would need a bodyguard, but it was a good excuse to go out with her, as I promised her dinner for her trouble.

Maintainer's note: For another view, see Sir Kellin's report on these events to the F.B.I.

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