I've managed to straighten out the mess with the dolls, without any horrible consequences. I suppose you could say the Gywdions actually did us a favor by acting so badly that Llew used Grandeur in Privy Council. After the Baron Charlie attacked Lord Matthew (I think LM was just in the way), I'm sure Llew was staring to get fed up. Llew was so awesome. I'll have to admit I'm sort of fuzzy on the rest of the evening.

I know Shari and I spent it out in the hall ‘cause Llew was upset about something. I guess, despite my worries about her, that I sort of fell in love with Shari too. It was hard not to empathize with her when I could see how much she loves Llew too.

We fell asleep in each other's arms while we were still in the hall. When we woke up, I knew she could be trusted. So after I showered and changed, I went to her room to ask her about the dolls. To make a long story short, it turned out she was ransacking her room so she could find them and disarm them.

We went and saw Dr Andrew Ryan—who had the dolls from when I went there with Derrick Ryan. Shari disarmed them, and then we went to see Llew. I wanted Shari to be the first one to explain things to Llew—rather than him ending up hearing some distorted story.

Llew forgave her—she was ready to leave. I'm pleased with the way things came out—not perfect, but it could have been much worse. Now we can love each other without being compelled to do so. I think it will be OK with the three of us now.

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