I guess I haven't written anything in a while. Let's see what I can remember.

I can't remember much before the Halloween Party at "Le Vampire Lestat" - though there was the one evening where I had some friends over to help clean up the pool and we ended up going skinny-dipping in it. Sir Gregory of House Liam was talking to Serina that evening at dinner, ‘cause I went over at the same time and invited them to come the pool too after dinner.

For the Halloween party at the Vampire Lestat, Llew rented a limo. Llew, Shari and I rode in it to the party. Llew, after a number of different outfits, settled on a fantasy prince outfit. Shari wore this really sexy witch outfit. Let's say I was glad Sir Cormac had made my loincloth out of soft doeskin leather - I was wearing a Native American outfit. In addition to the loincloth I had leggings and a vest, with everything decorated with beadwork. Llew and Shari had helped me put feathers in my hair.

Almost everyone from our household was at the party - invitations courtesy of Llew. There were also a lot more people not from our household. Some of the costumes were incredible. For instance the bartender was wearing a Vampirella costume - though "wearing" is not really the right word, as there was a lot more of her showing then there was costume. Yum. Of course, not as good as Shari or Llew...

Derrick was there too, looking quite nice in a Herald of Valdemar outfit. Looking back on it, I think it was rather appropriate for him, as the outfit was all "virginal" white. I thought I'd help Derrick pick someone up, as well as finding someone for myself. I found a nice Sidhe lady - Lady Justice, in fact. As she was a bit on the older side, I originally thought I'd hook her and Derrick up - though I have to admit I became rather caught up in the chase and forgot about trying to help Derrick. I got her a drink from the bar - which rather impressed her as she didn't think I was even 18. The stupid loudmouthed Gwydion Baron didn't help either - he said I was eleven!

Even with the "help" I was making progress, and I'm sure I would have gotten somewhere something even more important hadn't come up. Derrick spotted some really creepy person with blond hair and bare feet heading in the direction of Llew and Shari. Of course I moved to intercept her, but she vanished when Shari pulled Llew off the dancefloor.

By now, other members of the household had figured out something was going on. With Derrick's visions we were able to figure out were the creepy woman had gone. I invited Lady Justice along and to my surprise she decided to accompany us. We picked up Baron Charlemagne on the way out. It turned out he had freed it from a stone. Oops. Big oops.

The big black thing - no it wasn't really a woman - was at Georgetown University and it was pouring out. Llew was incredible - when it zapped him with blackness, he started glowing like the sun and shrank it with beams of light from himself. Sir Gregory looked fierce as he hit it with his sword. Baron Charlemagne shot at it with a gun, but I didn't see any visible effect. Derrick was chanting the whole time and when I pounded on it with a rock, he put the thing into the rock.

Then this stern-looking black-winged man came down and turned into Sir Kellin. Derrick had practically collapsed so I was holding him up. Poor Llew His outfit had been totally disintegrated by the black thing. I know how important clothing is to Llew, and I think he thought it undignified. I offered him what I was wearing. He took the vest from me and used some strips off of Shari's dress to make a loincloth. Looking back on it, I think he was trying not to favor either of us, ‘cause it might hurt the other. That was really thoughtful of him - especially when you remember we were all soaking wet and standing in the rain.

About this time Sir Jenner and Sir Darius arrived and informed us that we had been summoned to the Ducal freehold. As we left Georgetown, I thought I saw two horses. Sir Darius was nice enough to look after Derrick while we the rest of us went to the audience chamber. Llew managed to snag a tunic or something on the way there. As the one who had awakened the black thing, Baron Charlemagne was exiled. Well, he shouldn't have mouthed off to Llew. I left the evil rock with the Duchess.

Llew insisted on taking Derrick home with us. After all, his parents weren't going to be home that night, and Derrick was in rough shape. I'm sure it didn't hurt that Llew thinks Derrick is cute. We ended up taking him up with us to our Llew's room. We helped him get undressed, dried and into bed. Then we left our clothes in a wet heap with Derrick's. With all three in together it didn't take that long to warm up.

Llew slept on one side of Derrick and I on the other. I think we were a worried that Derrick would roll out of bed or something. I'm not sure why, as I think Derrick was asleep before Llew and I even climbed in. As I fell asleep, I thought it was nice to have Derrick there with us.

When we woke up the next day, Derrick was still asleep. Llew and I got up and showered. I know we were in the shower for quite a while, but Derrick was still asleep when we came out. I took out one of Llew's old silk robes and left it by Derrick, and I took away the sodden mass of clothes and towels when Llew and I went down for breakfast.

Derrick did not awake for quite a while. After lunch I called his house so his parents would know where he was, as Derrick had not yet woken up. At one point he did get up and use the bathroom, though was he was still so out of it that I had to help him get there. He didn't really wake up until the next day.

Derrick was somewhat flustered at finding himself in Llew's bed. Remembering what his grandfather had said, I brought him breakfast in bed. Once I got Derrick to have some, he really packed it away. We talked about what had happened on Samhain, and thought that Sir Kellin might be able to help Llew understand what had happened to him.

Llew lent Derrick some clothes, and we went off through the woods toward the village. We discovered this really neat horse in the woods. I think it was one of the ones I saw on Samhain at Georgetown. It turned itself into Llew's old car. And the car really worked. Needless to say, Llew drove us to Sir Kellin's place. With three people in a two seater we were all quite cozy.

I think Sir Kellin ended up with the other horse, for his jeep seemed to have the same aura as Llew's "car". Sir Kellin's lovely wife answered the door. Sir Kellin wasn't able to shed that much light on what happened to Llew (pun not intended). However, Sir Kellin did end up explaining that he and Lillith belong to the same society - and not opposing ones like I thought. That damn bird Dar talked to me again, and, um, everyone noticed my reaction and, um, well they all know that it talks to me. Including Sir Kellin.

Afterwards, Llew and I took Derrick home. As we've got his clothes and he's got Llew's, I know he'll be over again. Maybe I could show Llew how to give Derrick a massage...

We returned home. Llew and I ended up giving Kieran advice how to attract girls - for "his friend". Like Kieran's need for advice had nothing to do with his desire for Ceilidh...

Maintainer's note: For another view of these events, see Sir Kellin's diary entry for the same time period.
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